As the “epidemic” rages, truck drivers and factory employees among key workers are exempt from quarantine

The “role and workplace” standards that are free from self-isolation will be reviewed “daily”

Officials will “daily” agree to roles and workplaces that may meet the criteria for self-isolation exemption.

“If the specific case meets the criteria, the employer will receive a letter from the relevant department listing the designated key workers and tell them what measures they and these workers need to take,” the guide said.

The guide lists 16 sectors: energy, civil nuclear energy, digital infrastructure, food production and supply, waste, water, veterinary drugs, basic chemicals, basic transportation, medicines, medical devices, clinical consumables, emergency services, border control, Basic national defense and local government.

But it added that “under certain special circumstances” may play a key role in other departments and can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

There are separate arrangements for frontline healthcare personnel.

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