Why is there no GB men’s football in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but women’s football?

The Tokyo Olympics will see Britain send a women’s football team this summer, but there will be no men’s team.

The head coach of the British team, Hege Riise, appointed an 18-person team to participate in the upcoming games Japan between July 23 and August 8.


The British team will send a women’s team at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this summerCredit: Getty Images-Getty

Team GB will face Japan, Canada with Chile In the group stage.

But for the second Olympic Games, no men’s team played for GB.

Why is there no British men’s football in the Olympics?

When London got the right to host 2012 Olympics, Britain immediately began planning to enter the men’s team to participate in the game.

However, the Football Associations of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland expressed doubts about participation because they feared that they would lose control. FIFA.

The then president of FIFA Sepp Blatter Assure all four countries that although they unite to create the GB team for the Olympics, their individuality will not be lost.

A compromise was reached and only British and Welsh players participated in the GB team in London.

Proposed a plan to create a team for the project Rio Olympics In 2016, they were rejected again by the Association of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Subsequently, the men’s team did not work hard to enter the Tokyo Olympics.

Ryan Giggs was the captain of the British men's team at the 2012 Olympics


Ryan Giggs was the captain of the British men’s team at the 2012 OlympicsImage source: PA: Press Association

But British team chef Mark England said that the potential success of the women’s team may inspire a revival of the men’s team.

He said: “I am absolutely willing to lead the men’s football team to the Olympic Games.

“I think the experience gained by the women’s football through the national football association is expected to become a positive step and motivation for the open dialogue of the men’s team in the future.

“Obviously, the strength we can see in women’s football now (meaning) if we didn’t send a competitive team in all sports in France in Paris in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028, we would feel very Disappointment, especially for the competitive teams in football.”

However, even if the four major football teams agree to the national standard men’s team, they are not eligible to participate in this year’s Olympics.

The women qualified for the Olympic Games by qualifying for the 2019 Women’s World Cup semi-finals with the England team.

However, eligibility for the Men’s Championship depends on the performance of the 2019 Under-21 European Championship.

In that game, England failed to withdraw from the group stage after being eliminated. Defeated by France with Romania.

France, Romania, Germany and Spain became the representatives of UEFA at the Tokyo Olympics as they advanced to the semi-finals.

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