Homs Province is adjacent to Lebanon, and the Lebanese Shia Hezbollah organization supported by Iran dominates the Lebanese border area.

According to official Syrian media reports, the Syrian air defense system intercepted the Israeli attack on the al-Qusayr area of ??Homs.

A Syrian military source said in a statement on Thursday that the attack caused some material damage but no casualties.

The Israeli military said it would not comment.

on Monday, Syria says it has intercepted the attack on Aleppo.

Homs Province is adjacent to Lebanon, where the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shia Hezbollah organization controls the rugged border area.

Western intelligence sources claim that Israel’s intensified attacks on Syria since last year are part of the shadow war approved by the United States.

These attacks are also part of the anti-Iran policy, which has attempted to weaken Iran’s extensive military power in the past two years without causing a significant increase in hostilities.


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