Surfside crisis response dog Teddy was injured at work, the community raised funds for veterinarians

Surfside crisis response dog Teddy was injured at work, the community raised funds for veterinarians


Meet Teddy: A crisis response dog from Philadelphia, spent the past three weeks in Surfside, Florida. Bring smiles to families and first responders whose apartments collapsed.

After Teddy – A sort of 6 year old Buggy Hound Lab Mix —— He was injured when he went out to help emergency personnel and family members at the scene Terrible apartment collapse, The community united to let him go home and help his owner pay for his veterinary expenses.

On the morning of July 14, Teddy’s owners Sophia Barrett and Jack Bluch said that he had lost the ability to walk. X-rays showed that when Teddy went out to work, his spine discs might be herniated and the knee ligaments might be torn.

Teddy needs chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy to recover from the injury, and his owner said that they need financial support to pay for these expenses.

As of July 21, GoFundMe Barett and Blouch started To help Teddy raised more than 46,000 US dollars in expenses.

“This is not true to me, it is an incredible act of generosity. I thought it would never happen, but here we are,” Bluch told CBS3.

All funds raised will be used for treatment by Teddy’s caregivers, and the excess money will be donated to “Teddy’s treatment team, Crisis Response Canines, 501c3, New Jersey,” According to GoFundMe page.

Generosity does not stop there.

Teddy’s owner said that returning to Philadelphia on a commercial flight was too uncomfortable for him, and they were not sure how to take him home. After hearing about the dog’s situation, the Titan Air Group’s team reached out and let Teddy go home on an 800XP private jet.

Publisher Sophia Barrett superior Monday, July 5, 2021

“I saw the photos and knew we had to help,” said Dirk Vander Sterre, owner of Titan Aviation Group. Tell CBS3.

Vander Sterre and the team of Titan Aviation donated $10,000 to send him home safely.

“If Surfside taught me anything, it’s the beauty of human nature, even in dark places,” Barrett said.

Teddy is expected to fully recover after completing the treatment.

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