Royal News-The angry queen “shut down Harry and let him sit in his seat” because of the “rude language” towards Meghan Markle’s headdress

Prince Harry’s full book is likely to see him absent from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Carnival

The Duke’s memoirs-which will be published shortly after the party-has the potential to widen the family rift and throw the royal celebration into chaos.

Royal sources said this would make it “impossible” for him and Megan to attend.

The 36-year-old Duke revealed that he was writing a book about his life, which surprised 72-year-old father Charles and his 39-year-old brother William.

The royal family worried that this would go further than his interview with Oprah. In the interview, 36-year-old Harry and 39-year-old Meghan referred to an anonymous family member as a “racist”.

A court source said: “It is incredible that everyone now thinks that he and Meghan will be part of the Platinum Jubilee.

“Introducing it when the Queen celebrates in 2022 will curb the party.”

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