After months of trade speculation, including Zach Ertz’s tearful farewell to Philadelphia, it looks like the Hawks’ tight end may not have been completed yet. A week before the Hawks participated in the Nick Sirianni era’s first training camp training, a new report by WIP’s Howard Eskin indicated that Oetz would indeed return to the Hawks, at least for now.

There are reports that Eltz will leave the training camp while the team is looking for a way to trade him. If they can’t, people believe that they will simply cut ties with the 30-year-old three-time professional bowler to get rid of his $8.5 million salary in 2021. It now appears that Ertz will take part in the competition next week after skipping the mini camp earlier this summer. In addition, it is worth noting that Eskine was also hired by the Eagles as a sideline reporter for the game day. He said that Eltz has been training with his teammates on the training ground and is “solving problems”, which means he may not Looking for a new contract, he reportedly has been pursuing it for several years.

All of this may be the case. When the season started a month and a half, Eltz could still play elsewhere. This is what makes Eskin’s report so interesting: He thinks that Ertz still has a “great chance” in the team when the season begins. What no one thought was that when Ertz was crying on the sidelines at the end of last season, no one was there. Will think of this situation, wondering if he just played the last game in the Eagles jersey.

Suddenly, he might return to the midnight green next season and play an important role in Sirianni’s offense along with Jaylen Hertz.

Oetz’s poor performance in 2020, this is the worst season of his career statistics, he only passed 36 times in 335 yards (9.3 YPC), and only one touchdown. The overall bad state of the team doesn’t help at all — the fact that he missed a few games due to injury does not help — but he has been declining every year for the past few years and is on the wrong side. 30.

The good news is that the Eagles seem to have a capable substitute in Dallas Goldt, but it may not hurt to have an older player in the technical position of the Eagles, and Oates is certainly qualified.

In addition, if the Eagles keep Ertz, he may be eliminated before the trade deadline, or even sent to a team that needs TE after they suffer serious injuries. Just because he is on the court next Wednesday does not mean he will stay. For those who hope his time in Philadelphia is not over, this is at least a step in the right direction. But this does not sound like the end of the Ertz saga.

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