One year after the Olympics were postponed, Japan defeated Australia with softball in an empty stadium, and Tokyo 2020 finally began.

The 2020 Olympics finally took place last night. The host Japan defeated Australia 8-1 in a softball match.

The last time this sport was included in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Japan won the gold medal.


The 2020 Olympics finally arrived as scheduled overnightCredit: Agence France-Presse
Host Japan beat Australia 8-1 in a softball match at East Malaysia Baseball Stadium


Host Japan beat Australia 8-1 in a softball match at East Malaysia Baseball StadiumCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

After a convincing 8-1 victory, they set a mark to do it again.

The game was held at the empty Azuma Baseball Stadium, and the official opening ceremony was not held until Friday.

The Olympics started with widespread opposition from the country because Coronavirus disease The case rose.

Fukushima Arena has been selected as the venue for the first softball and baseball game-this will also return game After 13 years of absence.

After the devastating earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster in 2011, this should have provided a major boost for the region.

Organizers wanted to prove to tourists that the city is safe and aimed to emphasize the recovery of this place, but due to the increasing number of Covid cases in Japan, fans were banned.

‘Very special’

However, despite the lack of atmosphere in the crowd, Australia captain Stacey Porter said that the game at the opening ceremony of the Olympics was “very special”.

She said: “No crowd is different. We are used to looking up at the stands and seeing the supporters there, but we know they are watching at home.”

Pitcher Kaia Parnaby claims that even without an audience, there is still a “good atmosphere”.

Minori Naito, Yamato Fujita and Yu Yamamoto all broke the fence with home runs, because Japan seems determined to keep the crown 13 years ago.

The Australian team took the lead in the first game, but the hosts’ world-class defense proved to be too much for the tourists.

The world’s second-ranked Japan has won gold medals in the past five Asian Championships and Asian Games, and won silver medals in the 2018 World Championships.

Fear of being delayed at the last minute

At the beginning of the event, Covid cases related to the Olympics continued to soar in this city angered by the Olympics.

And just yesterday Tokyo 2020 Chairman Toshiro Muto said he is ready to discuss last-minute cancellation.

Muto said: “We cannot predict what will happen to the number of coronavirus cases.

“So if there is a surge in cases, we will continue the discussion.

“We have agreed that, based on the coronavirus situation, we will hold the five-party talks again.

“At this time, the number of coronavirus cases may increase or decrease, so we will consider what to do when something happens.”

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Japanese players celebrate after Naito Naito scores in the Fukushima conflict


Japanese players celebrate after Naito Naito scores in the Fukushima conflictCredit: Associated Press
Kaia Parnaby of Australia claims to have a


Kaia Parnaby of Australia claims to have a “great atmosphere” even without fansCredit: Getty

Before the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach admitted that he had experienced “sleepless nights” and worried game Will not happen, come as Tokyo The body suffered two more health and safety blows.

The first was the discovery of elevated levels of potentially deadly E. coli in the waters of Tokyo Bay due to triathlon and open water swimming events.

Local residents complained about the smell of sewage and expected heavy rain next week, which may further leak into the bay.


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Tokyo 2020 chairman Muto does not rule out canceling the Olympics

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