Love Island 2021 News-Chloe and Toby, the blockbuster Abigail turned their heads after AJ and Danny were thrown off

Love Island 2021 News-Chloe and Toby, the blockbuster Abigail turned their heads after AJ and Danny were thrown off


We are almost a month away from this year’s Love Island, and this drama is going on smoothly.

The most recent issue saw two islanders get Savagely dumped by their companions, Before the arrival of three new blockbuster bombs.

They are blockbuster bombs, and the amazing Abigail entrance turned Toby’s head-making his partner Chloe furious.

When she confronted him about his grafting a new girl, the couple clashed-he was upset when she hinted that he was immature.

But for novices, it’s not all bad news, because Kaz seems to finally meet her dream lover in the burly Tyler.

The next tempting trailer Love island The episode shows the two kissing on the balcony-which makes fans very happy.

Elsewhere, Hugo caught the attention of beautiful Georgia, but the audience believed that she might be the third girl he liked while he continued to live on “Friendship Island.”

In fact, a lot of things happened during the crowded time, you can easily forget the initial shock-poor AJ and Danny were fired from the island less than a week after their friends chose to save Chloe. , Lucinda, Teddy and Toby.

The old saying goes; love and war are fair…

Read our Love Island live blog for the latest updates on the show…


    After rookies AJ Bunker and Danny Bibby were eliminated, Love Island fans were stunned-before the arrival of three new blockbusters.

  • Fire

    Fans will listen to Love Island tomorrow to see what happens to Chloe and Toby.

    Hope they won’t all disappear in smoke.

    Sorry, I can’t help it anymore.

  • Bittersweet

    After Toby flirted with Abigail, fans were happy to see Chloe twisting.

  • excellent

    Line up the Jaws theme song-Chloe is almost a free agent.

    Fans know what this means.

    Be careful, Katz…

  • The best episode ever

    Fans cheer tonight’s episode-the best.

    Kaz is accosted by the hot newcomer Tyler.

    After Chloe and Toby got to know the new girl Abigail better, his relationship became very bad.

    They can’t wait to know what will happen tomorrow.

  • Taylor Talk

    The fans of Katz and Taylor are here.

    They hope that the hot duo will make up for the lost time and go directly to the hiding place.

  • Kiss Katz

    Fans believe that Katz might have kissed Aaron, not Taylor.

    Anyway, get it, girl!

  • Get it, get it

    Ok. Is this the kiss Kaz just got from Tyler?

    It’s time to make her feel better.

    Uh, why can’t we see their faces?

    Isn’t it another suspense? for sure…

  • Chloe was robbed

    Have you seen how she shed tears when talking to the girls about Toby and Abigail.

    They all jumped on her… it was crazy.

    Oh my word… will they even succeed?

  • It’s 2021

    In case we don’t know.

    The islanders keep reminding us.

  • Time bomb

    Oh, oh, Chloe is leaving.

    Have you heard Toby’s comment about “attached to the hip”?

    Look at his attitude towards her now…

  • Oh my God

    Have you seen Hugo really come in with these Georgia questions?

    “Single for 5 years? Why?”

    Gosh, someone needs to work on their flirting game.

  • The game starts now

    Have you seen Abby offer Toby… a pillow word?

    Come on, if she wants to defeat Chloe’s “infinite foreplay” proposal, she must work harder.

    Everything is over, hasn’t it.

  • Tobe comfortable

    Did you see Toby telling Abigail that he would like to meet new people?

    He really doesn’t like being chosen as the “least favorite person”, does he?

  • Chlorine

    However, when Abigail pulled Toby to chat, Chloe’s face.

    Did you see her disgust?

  • bomb

    “It just slipped out”-how relaxed the freedom of love was when talking to Jack about her love confession.

    But we are still waiting for his reply…

    Cricket, anyone…

  • player

    Go to Hugo, go to Hugo!

    You can hear their singing later.

    He picked the new ladies, and he liked them very much.

    Have you seen how relaxed he looks.

    Let us hope those girls don’t ruin his vacation.

  • Finally, Lucinda!

    Aaron looked relieved, Lucinda didn’t blow him to death for the millionth time.

    Have you seen them being comfortable lying on the sofa bed together?

  • How free

    Do you see how Liberty auditioned to become the new Cilla Black and repaired Kaz with Tyler?

    However, when Kaz asked her to leave, she quickly got hints…with love.

    Have you seen the chemical reaction between Kaz and Tyler. She even made him nervous and a little dizzy.

    Lovely. He better not screw it up.

  • Chris frowns

    “Toby looks like Chris Brown.”

    Is he real?

    Think Hugo needs to go to Specsavers. what!

  • Warning Toby

    Fans think Chloe is wandering.

  • All love

    Of course, Liam was not worried about the tall, dark, handsome stranger who had just entered the villa.


    Especially at the beginning his Millie Mu revealed that she likes men who look like Anthony Joshua…

    that is…

  • Hugh knows I like you

    Georgia won’t cause trouble, will it?

    Did you see her looking at Hugo by the fire pit? “You are the only one,” she murmured.

    Did you see that Jack and Millie got confused afterwards?

    “She is natural and beautiful… the type you like,” they told Hugo.

    Ok. Because we hate that “fake” line is dredged back.

  • Get a tape measure

    Come on, there is only one way to resolve this dispute, because Liam and Tyler will go from head to toe.

    Well, back to back.

  • Watch the shark descend

    Did you see Chloe? “He fits well, isn’t he?”

    Did you see poor Teddy’s face?

    Literally, they have never seen them look so worried.

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