Love Island 2021 News-Before Abigail, Georgia and Taylor arrived, novices AJ and Danny were cruelly thrown out of the villa

Love Island 2021 News-Before Abigail, Georgia and Taylor arrived, novices AJ and Danny were cruelly thrown out of the villa


With the newcomers AJ and Danny being brutally abandoned from the villa, Love Island tonight has a dramatic start.

Their fellow islanders chose to save Chloe, Toby, Lucinda, and Teddy instead of the former blockbuster who had been in the villa for less than a week.

Neither Danny nor AJ had a chance to leave their mark, but the people watching at home are very grateful Their fan favorite lives another day.

AJ has married Hugo, but he has made it clear that he is not interested in establishing a romantic relationship with her.

Meanwhile, after Lucinda was dumped by her partner Brad, Danny and Lucinda paired up.

However, when she continued to chat with Aaron, whom she had been close to, the relationship between the two became unstable.

Before the islanders received the shocking news of dumping, the plumber called their romantic time and instead began to pursue AJ.

However, the villa’s beds will not be left vacant for a long time, and blockbuster Tyler Crookshank, Abigail Rolling and Georgia Towne will make their debut on tonight’s lively show.

Needless to say, it looks like we are about to start another dramatic trampoline week…

Read our Love Island live blog for the latest updates on the show…

  • Clarkson

    Liberty and Sn..a may not be the first time, sorry Jake.

  • Enterprise Risk Management…

    Did you see Lucinda crying? Millie had to comfort her and everything.

    That is how the matter?

    We think she can’t stand Danny.

    Oh dear. The other bites the dust.

  • Clow go

    Fans are angry that Chloe and Toby survived the public vote

  • Clow go

    Fans are angry that Chloe and Toby survived the public vote

  • Toby Drama

    Fans are waiting for Toby to break out.

    One tweet: “Can’t wait to see how panicked Toby is when he is once again deeply trapped that he is no longer a favorite of the public.”

  • Hope island

    Oh yes…we forgot that they were “items” after the big kiss last night.

    When she talked about her “connection” with Danny in the exit interview, did you see the sparkle in AJ’s eyes?

    Maybe they will leave together after all and it’s not that bad.

  • Danny and AJ are out

    They came in together, and now they leave together.

    AJ and Danny are out.

    Everyone looked so downcast.

    Did you see that they all said sorry? Let us hope that they will not let Toby down again.

  • Oh no

    They made Hugo a bad guy and drove a girl out.

    He looks guilty.

    Excellent. It’s Ajie.

    Then there will be no backlash between the two…

  • Arrival island

    Can you believe that it is time to find out who is and who is outside?

    See how nervous they are.

    They just stood like this since last night.

  • Cliff hanger

    Two islanders were abandoned tonight.

    Will this really happen?

    Understand in one minute.

  • 10 minutes horn

    So we know that Taylor, Georgia and Abigail are going to enter the villa tonight.

    But who is leaving?

    Can’t handle it.

    We will find the answer in a few minutes.


  • So…who is this Taylor brother?

    Taylor is a 26-year-old real estate agent from Croydon.

    When asked what he will bring to the villa, he said: “I think more energy.

    “I’m a person who doesn’t take myself seriously. I like fooling around. I like jokes.

    “I won’t just hang out there. I will do this, do that, and play games. I’m really good at sports.”

  • vigorous

    When the big guy walked in tonight, the islanders didn’t know where to look.

    His name is Taylor.

    We even feel troubled.

    I mean, look at him.


  • Hugh knows?

    Can Hugo finally have a girl?

    Next is Georgia City, 28 years old, marketing director from Essex County, she said that she is “the life and soul of the party”.

    She has begun to pay attention to physical education teacher Hugo Hammond.

    “He is my absolute number one, and I can’t wait to get to know him,” she said.

    She has the “natural” atmosphere he likes.

  • Long live Abigail

    first of all Abigail Rollins, 27 years old, a tattoo artist from Beaconsfield.

    For all the right reasons, she appeared on the show, eh.

    She has revealed her Plans to steal Toby Aro Moraran from Chloe Burrows.

    “I really like Toby-I will steal him from Chloe whenever I get the chance,” she said.

    “If that doesn’t work, I also like Teddy and Aaron.”

  • So who are these novices?

    Things are about to escalate on Love Island because three new blockbusters will enter the villa tomorrow night.

    Three sexy singles are about to try their luck on the ITV2 dating show to find love.

  • That old chestnut

    It’s not about energy…

    Someone gave this person a Lucozade.

  • One hour classon

    It is only an hour before we start screaming at the TV because Love Island is back.

    There is so much to scream and shout!

  • explosion

    Can Kaz take a break?

    Rest, we mean, a man!

    Why do they see her energy…

  • joke

    Fans can’t stand Toby’s antics.

  • kick off

    Fans couldn’t stand how embarrassing Toby was.

    They took their hilarious memes onto Twitter.

  • drama

    Toby Aromolaran and Kaz Kamwi did not lose love because she labelled him a “liar” in her kiss with Chloe Burrows.

    The ex-couple had a heated exchange after the conversation the previous night Snog, Marry, Pie Challenge.

  • Katz-Tastrofe

    Katz and Toby had an almighty conflict with Chloe’s kiss last night.

    Toby thought all this was flooded with his former Katz under a bridge, but when she put floral ornaments on him during snot, marriage, and dodging games, it brought their ugly past.

  • Unfinished business

    The abandoned islander Rachel Finni once talked about her feeling so lonely in the villa.

    In an interview with Capital FM, she said that she must put on sunglasses before the “Loot Line” challenge because she has been crying.

    Rachel said: “Sometimes girls don’t talk to me because they think I’m going for their man, because I was trying to find my place by pursuing others, but it didn’t feel natural.

    So for a few days I did feel lonely. I kept saying in the beach hut that there was a complete puzzle, I was just an extra part, I did have some usefulness, but now I am not suitable. “

  • What time is love island

    All dramas begin on ITV2 at 9 o’clock tonight.

    When the two islanders are abandoned from the show, it will be an explosive episode.

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