Local artists and organizations receive a multi-year art and cultural grant of 3 million U.S. dollars

Local artists and organizations receive a multi-year art and cultural grant of 3 million U.S. dollars


Four artists and five cultural organizations received grants totaling $3 million to support Philadelphia’s art and culture recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, the Forman Art Initiative and the Philadelphia Foundation announced its nine winners. Five-year funding plan works of art For community-based artists.

Four artists received unrestricted grants of US$10,000 per year for two years, and five community organizations received unrestricted grants of at least US$50,000 per year for two years.

One of the winners is the artist José Ortiz-Pagán, who has worked as a printmaker, sculptor, painter and performance artist. He hopes to promote community change through his art works and performances, and calls himself a “cultural organizer.”

Ortiz-Pagán told The Voice of Philadelphia: “It’s great to be recognized for works that are so close to my heart.”

He said that he was shocked when he heard that he had won the grant.

“As an artist, you have experienced [grant applications] Ortiz-Pagán said: “I got my email on Saturday morning… We all just started jumping around in the house.”

He said the money will help him work on more projects and make art a full-time job.

Art work grants are specifically used to support artists and institutions that work with underserved communities.

“The breadth and quality of the app really excites us,” said Jennifer Rice, co-founder of Forman Arts Initiative. “These artists and organizations are creating works that make Philadelphia unique. They represent the deep and diverse creativity of our city.”

The Bigger Picture Alliance is one of the organizations that has won an annual grant of $50,000 for two consecutive years. Executive Director Aleks Martray stated that BPA attracts, educates and empowers Philadelphia youth through film production and digital media art learning experiences.

“Years of operating funds are very important for small art organizations like ours, so right away, this is a great opportunity,” Marley told the Voice of Philadelphia. “[I’m] I am very grateful that such a thing exists in all art organizations that receive funding. “

He said that once he heard that BPA was funded, he immediately thought of the children participating in the program.

“I thought of all the students who worked with us during this very difficult year. It was a challenging year and how much it affected them, as well as our ability to return strongly this year, and hope to come back personally and start. The new plan, there are new opportunities for paid apprenticeships,” Marley said.

The first solo artists who received funding include Ortiz-Pagán, Jorge Rullán Fantauzzi, Sabriaya Shipley and Tshay Williams.

Pedro Ramos, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Foundation, said: “The selected artists and organizations are creating some of the most innovative, challenging, and inspiring works.” “We ask everyone. Applicants showed a commitment to incorporate community perspectives into their work, and the wide range of perspectives we received exceeded all our expectations. Interdisciplinary and media, they collectively represent Philadelphia’s rich and diverse community. It’s an honor to have our first Art There are such talents in the Works team.”

Art organizations that have received grants include BPA, Bearded Ladies Cabaret, BlackStar, Twelve Gates Arts and Scribe Video Center. They will also link up with Drexel University’s collaborative projects to provide students with work experience in the field of art and culture.

More than 100 artists and organizations have applied for funding. The winner was selected by a nine-person committee composed of community consultants, FAI and Philadelphia Foundation leaders and staff.

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