Empire Beach, California-Fishermen are increasingly frustrated with the restrictions on the Empire Beach Pier, because the Empire Beach Pier only allows them to fish in designated areas.

Currently, the wharf is about 1,500 feet long and the fishing channel is limited to only half of it.

The avid fisherman Kevin Rasmussen said: “We must really practice fishing line etiquette and make sure that we don’t get caught up. This is elbow-to-elbow training.”

The problem is to provide access for surfers and swimmers, both of which are allowed within 20 feet of the pier. This means that anglers are forced to move up the dock hundreds of feet, thereby cutting off the passage of large fish near the shore.

Another avid fisherman, Nick Klein, said: “I have never seen a pier that allows swimmers or surfers within 20 feet of the pier.”

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the tin fish restaurant at the end of the pier has been allowed to place tables along the edge, further hindering the entry and exit of fishermen.

“At the back of the pier, thresher sharks crossed,” Rasmussen said. “It has a yellow tail; there is a low juniper fish. It’s just that there are different species in these areas, and they restrict our entry.”

Trish Baglioni, manager of Tin Fish, said that the differences caused some tension, but they just wanted everyone to get along well.

“This is what we really want,” Baglioni said. “This is the only thing we need here is whether to allow certain things to comply with what is allowed.”

After hearing the fishermen’s concerns, City Councillor Jack Fisher said that the City Council may consider extending the surfing area to 150 feet from the pier as soon as possible.

Fisher said: “For me, it is very important that we agree on the work done.”

However, although the controversy continues, if the proposal of the Port of San Diego becomes a reality, the fishing space may become smaller, which provides more space for leisure.

“The average fish on that slope is about four inches long, and the family is trying to feed their families with this,” Klein said.


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