Liam Cavanagh made a major decision during a conflict with Jacob Gallagher about Leanna’s funeral

The grieving Liam Cavanagh took drastic measures when he clashed with Jacob Gallagher about Leanna’s funeral.

After Lianna was found dead under the bridge, Liam quickly blamed her predecessor Jacob for her death.


Liam quarreled with Jacob about Lianna’s funeral arrangements

The audience knew that after Lianna discovered that she had killed her best friend Nadine years ago, it was Mina who actually murdered Lianna.

But the evil nurse managed to cover her tracks, and when the police determined that Leanna’s death was an accident, she was very excited.

Next week’s Emmerdale episode will see Liam refuse to contact Laila and Jacob about Lianna’s funeral arrangements.

The next day, Liam told Charles that he wanted to hold a traditional and polite funeral for Lianna, and when Jacob arrived and tried to attend the meeting, he was angry.

When Jacob argued with Liam about arrangements, he announced that he knew Liana better than Liam.

Liam rushed out, and Lianna blamed herself for letting Jacob participate in the funeral arrangements.

After Liam Cavanagh threw things from his late daughter Leanna out of the house, Meena Jutla of Emmerdale clashed with Leyla Harding

Later this week, when Leona’s funeral began, the smug Mina fiddled with Leona’s ring on her necklace.

However, when the ring fell from the necklace and rolled near Liam’s shoes, disaster struck.

Mina watched in horror, afraid of being discovered, but will Liam find the ring?

Jacob tells Liam that he knows Liana better than him


Jacob tells Liam that he knows Liana better than him

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