Gunners loan Tammy Abraham, Nelson exchanges with Maddison, the battle of Locatelli Juventus

Gunners loan Tammy Abraham, Nelson exchanges with Maddison, the battle of Locatelli Juventus


“He missed too many opportunities”

According to former Arsenal star Perry Groves, transfer target Tammy Abraham “missed too many opportunities.”

Groves believes that Abraham is more suitable for clubs like West Ham, and they are also interested in signing him.

When asked if Abraham is good enough to play for a top club, Groves said: “No, I don’t think he is.

“I don’t think he has that level, because he missed too many opportunities. He wasn’t calm enough to finish the game.

“He had a brilliant season under Frank Lampard. He scored 15 goals in 34 games, but Chelsea created many opportunities, but he still missed many opportunities.

“To be fair, under Lampard’s leadership, his overall performance has improved, but this is an additional condition. You will not be judged for your general performance or your defensive performance. As a forward, You will be judged for your shots.

“If you play for Chelsea, we have seen Werner missed a lot of opportunities this season, and Haverts did the same, but if you play for the top four clubs, you will score two or three expected goals in each game. “Game, you must participate in at least one of them.

“I don’t think he has reached that level.

“He had two brilliant seasons at Aston Villa and Bristol City, but I think he still has a lot to prove.

“If I were him, he needs to play football now, he needs to play first team football.

“Thomas Tuchel doesn’t like him at all. Sometimes he wasn’t even on the team or even on the bench last season.

“So he needs to play, he can adapt to West Ham…it depends on its cost.

“He is Chelsea’s top scorer, Englishman, young, and I think he may be worth around 30 million pounds. I think the cost of 45 million pounds is too high.

“I think moving to West Ham is a good fit for him. He is not a striker in the top four in the Premier League.”

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