Experts say that Prince Harry can name the royal family members who commented on Archie’s skin color in the narration book

An expert said that Prince Harry could name the royal family members who commented on Archie’s skin color in all of his books.

Meghan and Harry claimed that in an interview with Oprah in March, a senior royal family member expressed concern about their son’s skin color.


Prince Harry can reveal which senior royals made so-called comments on Archie’s skin colorCredit: Reuters

The royal family and the public must be prepared for the Duke to expand all his “truth bombs” as he writes his life story.

Royal expert Richard Kay Daily mail: “In addition to scoring a lot with the media, what else can Harry offer?

“To justify the huge sums of money that are going around, this can only be one thing: this book will explain everything.

“Therefore, he must be prepared to expand all the explosive’truth bombs’ that he and Meghan detonated together with Oprah in March under the leadership of the royal family.

“According to the couple, can he name the family members who commented on the skin color of their unborn son Archie?

“He must definitely explain this most sensational statement. Will he name the anonymous staff member who seems to have dismissed Meghan’s concerns about her mental health lightly?”

It is like this:

The Duke of Sussex announced this week that he has been writing a memoir that will be published next year-the palace is said to “should be scared.”

The news caused a sensation in the palace-the tensions are expected to continue for several months, as the royal family are waiting to see what explosive statement Harry will make.

It was previously reported that Charles was “surprised” by the news Prince Harry Is writing an explosive memoir about all.

An insider claimed that Harry seemed “very obsessed” Ruined his father, Prince Charles -Who thinks his son’s constant attacks are “unjust”.

On Monday, the Duke of Sussex announced an unprecedented publishing agreement for his Memoirs -Timed release The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year.

He called the book “completely true”.

But a source told the Mirror that his statement triggered a “tsunami of fear” and Buckingham Palace was afraid of more explosive claims about Harry and Meghan’s treatment.

According to reports, he received an advance payment of up to millions of pounds.

An insider said. “Publishers will rely on this book to produce front-page news and lead broadcast news around the world on the day of publication.

“It needs something noisy. I bet Charles is cheering up.”

Although a spokesperson for Prince Harry said he had discussed the matter privately with his family “recently”, a source close to his father said they were “surprised” by the news.

Experts say Prince Harry's book will become


Experts say Prince Harry’s book will become “Almighty”Credit: Splash
Former Sun Royal Editor Duncan Lacombe said that Prince Harry “shattered any chance of reconciliation with the royal family”

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