Erika Jayne of RHOBH revealed that his predecessor Tom was in a coma for 12 hours after driving off a cliff in 2017 and confirmed that he was cheating

Erica Jayne, a real housewife in Beverly Hills, revealed that her husband Tom Girard was “in a coma for 12 hours” after “driving off a cliff” in a terrible crash in 2017.

The Bravo star cried as he made a shocking confession-which also included confirmation that Tom cheated during the marriage-on the same day, the IRS froze all millions of dollars in the couple in December assets.




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Erica, 50, and her RHOBH actors spent a desert trip away from the city in Kyle Richard’s Palm Springs mansion.

When Kyle, 52, and her friends discussed Erica’s financial and legal disaster before she arrived home, they couldn’t believe it.

As soon as Erica arrived at the manor, Kyle, Lisalena, Dorit Kemsley, and Crystal Palace Minkoff hugged her.

“I’m not good, and I won’t be good for a long time. It’s terrible! It’s always bad news,” Erica admitted.

Speaking of Tom’s declining mental state, she said: “Tom is changing. This is over time. When you slowly watch someone disintegrate, this is a very difficult thing to do.”

In 2017, Tom had a car accident. He and Erika played no big deal. Everyone thought he just sprained his ankle. Everyone thought it was a trivial matter. She said in a 2017 episode: “Tom is okay, the car is not good, but he is fine.” Erica revealed in tonight’s episode that Tom actually “drove off the cliff” and “was in a coma for 12 hours.” , But no one knows this. I know because I found him.” She added: “He suffered a serious head injury, a broken shoulder, a sprained ankle, and a broken collarbone. When I found him, he was not in the car down the mountain. Somehow, after living in our house for more than 30 years, he walked a small road and walked to the back of the house and fell out of the car. He finally called me and I said’where did you go’, I thought he With other women.”

A group of people looked shocked, and Kyle asked, “Wait, what woman?” Erika said, “I don’t know, any of them. Take your pick.” Kyle replied, “So it means he is here. Deceive you?”

Erica said, “You don’t know what I’ve been through. This is my life. I’ve never checked my husband’s phone, and I’ve never touched his credentials. But after Yolanda and David divorced, I opened the phone. Just say “Wow, okay! “I found the evidence. I found the picture and the text. I guess it was a few years old. He doesn’t deny it. I will be fine, but I am not good now.

When Kyle asked her why she didn’t leave after she knew it, Erica said, “Where am I going? Where am I going? He said, “This is my house. “He said very clearly.”

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Erika Jayne of RHOBH burst into tears and admitted that she was “lonely” after her friend “turned to her” when she was “bankrupt”

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