Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Cornerback

In the past few weeks, we have been studying every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how they adapt to the team’s entry into training camp. Today we will take a look at cornerbacks.

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First look at the depth map of the cornerback:

CB 1 2 3 4
CB Darius slaughter Zeke McPherson Shaquille Taylor Nate Meadows
CB Michael Yakai Craig James Kevin Seymour
Slot CB Evant Maddox Josiah Scott Lavet Mountain

Darius slaughter

The No. 1 receiver completely undermined the Eagles’ defense in 2019. In response, the team acquired Slay through a deal during the 2020 offseason to stop the bleeding. Sly has traveled with the opposing best offensive receiver throughout the season. In addition to his two poor performances against DK Metcalf (10-177-0) and Davante Adams (10-121-2), he was at least able to make They slowed down. It is worth noting that there is no “big drama” because Slay only has one INT and 6 PBUs this season.

In hindsight, knowing how bad the Eagles’ 2020 season is, what would you rather have?

  1. Darius slaughter
  2. Three and five rounds of draft picks were used to acquire Sley, and the money was paid to him.

In my opinion, the obvious answer is option 2, because Slay is now 30 years old and in the reconstruction team.

At this stage of his career, Slay may be just a good starter, but he is the only good player on the team, so he is a very important player on this list.

Evant Maddox

As we saw in 2020, Maddox is not an outside corner, and the Hawks should not require him to be one of them.

Maddox is a typical example of Howie Rothman overestimating his own players. The following is Rothman’s evaluation of Maddox and the possibility of his transfer from the slot to the outside line in March 2020.

“I have admired Darrell Green and Aaron Glens in the world since I was a kid, and these guys, they are explosive, twitching guys, have incredible verticals, and it’s hard to pass the ball to them. Evante has the same characteristics as many of these people, if you look at his silhouette, his height, his length.

“So no one talks about him in the same way. This is someone who started from the outside for us in the playoffs. He has the ability to make sticky reports on receivers inside or outside. Obviously, he also participated in the game. End. He has a good mentality, he has good physical skills. He is also an explosive and convulsive person, so yes, we think he is a person who can beat the entire middle school, of course he feels very comfortable and he outside.”


I think Maddox might once again become the best choice for perimeter after training camp, but that will be the result of a very thin and uninspired corner team. Ideally, some other corner kick will come forward and win the perimeter job opposite Slay, and then Maddox can return to position, where his size and skill combination will be most effective.

Zeke McPherson

McPherson is the fourth-round pick for the Hawks in the 2021 draft. He first studied at Pennsylvania State University, where he didn’t play much, and then transferred to Texas Tech University, where he worked as a starter for two years. In 2020, he had a prolific season, he showed good skills, collected 53 tackles, 4 INT (including a sixth position) and 6 pass breakthroughs.

McPhearson is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 191 pounds, is slightly shorter, but has the ability to play outside or open. His overall athletic ability is very good, but it did not reach the ideal 40 times, which is 4.50.

McPhearson also showed that he can make a positive contribution to a special team because he has blocked PAT twice in his college career and the long-blocked FG returns to TD.

If they don’t add another corner between now and the start of the regular season, McPherson is likely to become the team’s starting CB2. This makes him a player who is very interested in training camp.

Michael Yakai

Jacques was a failed rookie free agent and was forced to play a starting role at the end of the 2020 season. He was completely insulted by the Cowboys’ passing attacks. After he was substituted in that game, the FOX staff put a picture on the screen that said he gave up 7 catches on 9 goals for 182 yards. Yes it is.

On the bright side, he fought with the catcher of the Cardinals, he has a good body and is worthy of development. It is worth noting that Jacquet is a first-team defense playing OTA on the perimeter.

Josiah Scott

We took away on sunday Learn more about Scott’s rookie season In 2020, he only took 80 snapshots. The sample size is small, but he showed that his 4.42 speed is legal, and he is a good tackler, but in the case of 5’9 and 185, he will be in a position against a good catcher. Disadvantage.

He is likely to support Avonte Maddox in the corner kick, and because the team gave up the sixth-round pick to get him (Howie Rothman has the final decision on the 53-man roster), unless he performs poorly in training, otherwise Look forward to Scott becoming the team’s training camp and preseason.

Craig James

James is still young (he was 25 years old in April), and he may be the best special player on the Hawks, even though he has only maintained a healthy four games in 2020. He is the gunner of the punts, the jammer of the punts, he is responsible for playing, and he is a good substitute in the corner. He feels like a good bet to make the roster and a dark horse to win the starting job.

Shaquille Taylor

Taylor was a lost free agent for the Colts in 2019, where he played five games, so he is someone familiar with Jonathan Gannon. He has since rebounded a bit in the league because the Eagles are now his fourth team.

Kevin Seymour

Seymour was the sixth-round pick of the Bills in 2016, and he will turn 28 in November. He participated in 33 games, including two games with the Eagles in 2020. Due to his age, Seymour may be unlikely to get the team out of the camp.

Lavet Mountain

Hill is an unselected free agent for the Chiefs in 2020. He stayed in their practice team for a while, then was abandoned, and eventually entered the Eagles practice team. Slot machine guy, there is another long shot.

Nate Meadows

After the Vikings signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2019, Midos played in three games. Before being picked up by the Eagles, he stayed briefly with the Jaguars, who released him in May. Again, long shot.

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