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Cummings said the sooner Johnson leaves on the 10th, the better

Dominic Cummings admitted that he thought that Boris Johnson’s prime ministership was “terrifying for the country”, but he and “dozens” of supporters tried to use his position as prime minister for their benefit.

The de facto No. 10 chief of staff stated that after working with Johnson during the Brexit referendum in 2016, he found that Mr. Johnson had “desperate” qualities, but agreed after entering Downing Street three years later to assist him.

But Mr. Cummings, who left 10th in the fall after a power struggle, admitted that he is now trying to speed up the prime minister’s ouster.

When asked on the BBC if he wanted to “speed up” Mr. Johnson to leave Downing Street, he said: “Of course. Of course, the faster he walks, the better.”

During the hour-long broadcast, Mr. Cummings stated that he had sought to “use” the situation in the country since Johnson took power.

“I think this is bad for the country, but I have been trying to emphasize that you have to balance the different possibilities,” he said.

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