Cotsville home explosion injured 6 people, including 4 children

Cotsville home explosion injured 6 people, including 4 children


According to multiple reports, a house in Chester County exploded on Wednesday, injuring six people, including four children.

Authorities say the explosion occurred before noon in a house on Hibernia Road in Cotsville NBC10. 18 tank trucks, totaling nearly 60,000 gallons of water, were called to the scene to help put out the fire.

Photo from the TV news helicopter above the house It showed that it was almost swallowed by smoke. According to multiple reports, firefighters continued to fight the fire nearly two hours after the explosion and fetched water from the swimming pool at home and nearby ponds.

Emergency officials said one adult and two children were taken to the hospital for treatment, while the other two children were hospitalized by ambulance. An injured person refused treatment, 6ABC Reporting. According to the authorities, many victims were burned in the explosion, but their condition is unclear.

Local and state investigators remained at the scene until late in the afternoon to determine the cause of the explosion.

This is a developing story and may be updated as more information becomes available.

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