Beach Ambulance star Jeremy Jackson’s homeless former Ronnie Willison’s dumpster dives and pushes a shopping cart on a hot Los Angeles day

The homeless ex-wife of BAYWATCH star Jeremy Jackson, Ronnie Willison, was found diving in the trash can and pushing her shopping cart.

This 38-year-old lady spent time outdoors in the hot weather of 95 degrees angel.


Loni was found in Los Angeles on TuesdayCredit: BackGrid
Front model dumpster diving in search of food


Front model dumpster diving in search of foodCredit: BackGrid
She defeated the heat in a weather of 95 degrees Fahrenheit


She defeated the heat in a weather of 95 degrees FahrenheitCredit: BackGrid
Loni had previously married Beach Ambulance star Jeremy


Loni had previously married Beach Ambulance star JeremyCredit: Getty

last year When he was out in Los Angeles on Tuesday, someone found him looking through the trash can and even crawled into the trash can to find food.

She was wearing an upside-down black baseball cap, fitted light-washed jeans, a black belt, a maroon sweater around her hips, furry black slippers and a floral black shirt tied around her belly button.

Someone also saw the former model walking with a shopping cart full of groceries, holding a bottle of Dr. Pepper in one hand and guiding the red shopping cart with the other.

In the hot weather, Loni kept a cigarette in his mouth during the entire outing.

Since being forced to live on the streets, this recent outing is not the first time Loni has been spotted.

Difficult situation

As early as May, Loni was found wearing black leggings and platform slippers while diving in a dumpster, as well as an upside-down pink baseball cap and white-rimmed glasses.

Ronnie made sure to stay hydrated when sipping from a plastic water bottle.

She is best known for her marriage Beach Ambulance Star Jeremy, because the former could get married in 2012, but broke up in 2014.

The end of their relationship

After the 40-year-old actor allegedly attacked Loni in their west, the couple cancelled their marriage Hollywood Home.

This former fitness model has been homeless since 2016, and she First discovered in October 2020 after two years of disappearance.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun in February, Jeremy’s predecessor said that her homelessness was caused by some “very bad people”-not drugs or “celebrity life.”

Loni said, “I’m a bit stuck.

“Even if I can ask for help, no one can do much.”

She continued: “I was electrocuted for nine months before becoming homeless. Every day is a fucking day, so I can’t stay in one place.

“I can’t live in a building, I can’t live at home, I can’t live anywhere, because I have to move around a lot.”

This model Added: “I will not disrupt other people’s lives, because people have a relationship with me, so I just have to wait and see what happens over time.”

When asked about the last time she talked to Jeremy, Lonnie told The Sun: “I didn’t talk to Jeremy. I don’t want to talk to my friends, I do very well. I don’t want anyone to help me. “

The former model had previously worked as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center in Los Angeles and apparently suffered a mental breakdown in 2016.

Due to the breakdown, Loni lost his job, apartment and car, and was forced to live on the streets.

She started taking drugs and since then has struggled with methamphetamine and alcohol addiction while dealing with mental health problems.

Loni has been homeless since 2016


Loni has been homeless since 2016Credit: BackGrid
She married Jeremy from 2012 to 2014


She married Jeremy from 2012 to 2014Credit: Getty
The former model has mental health problems


The former model has mental health problemsCredit: Getty
Jeremy Jackson’s homeless ex-Lonnie Willison of the Beach Ambulance Dumpster dived in search of food and pulled her belongings into the shopping cart

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