Tom Brady made comments on former President Donald Trump during a visit to Joe Biden at the White House.

This is the first visit since 2017 A Super Bowl champion is celebrating at the White House.


Tom Brady

What did Tom Brady say to Trump during his visit to the White House?

Tom Brady collaborated with President Joe Biden to attack Donald Trump with a joke, saying that people did not believe that the Tamar Bay Buccaneers had won the Super Bowl.

NFL superstars He is visiting the White House with his teammates to win the honor of the president in the victory last season.

ruler Super Bowl MVP, had friendship with him trump card For many years, he was the only player to speak at the ceremony.

“At one point, it didn’t look good there. As the president said, we were 7-5 and a little struggling. But we found the rhythm and we started,” Brady said in a short two-minute speech.

Tom Brady did not visit the White House when he was invited by Trump in 2017


Tom Brady did not visit the White House when he was invited by Trump in 2017Credit: Alami

“Not many people think we can win. In fact, I think about 40% of people still think we didn’t win.”

“I understand that,” Biden Interrupted, criticizing Trump and his supporters for claiming that he did not win the election.

Brady asked him: “Mr. President, do you understand?”

“I understand this,” Biden repeated.

Star quarterback He also joked that he and Biden have the same “drowsy” nickname.

“I lost a shot in the 21-year game, and they Started calling me “Tom the Sleepy”. Why are they doing this to me? He smiled and looked at Biden.

Did Tom Brady visit the White House when Trump was in office?

Brady refused to join his Patriots teammates during a visit to Trump’s White House ceremony in 2017.

He cited “personal family affairs” at the time.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, he failed to attend a visit to the White House, and he offered similar excuses.

“He will call me after the game,’I watched your game, Tom, let’s play golf together,'” Brady said of Trump in 2020.

Donald Trump


Donald TrumpCredit: Getty

“So that was the case in 2003 and 2004. He will appear in our games and stand on the sidelines to cheer for the Patriots,” he told Howard Stern.

“He had a way of connecting with people, and it still is. But the whole political aspect has appeared, and I was brought into a lot of these things because it was so polarized during the elections.

“It’s very uncomfortable for me,” Brady added.

“You can’t undo things—not that I will undo the friendship—but political support is completely different from the support of friends.”

How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady participated in?

Tom Brady has participated in the Super Bowl ten times in his career.

According to reports, he is the only player in NFL history to win six Super Bowl rings. Business insider.

He recently participated in and won the Super Bowl for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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