The new app of Throw Master provides expert guidance for young athletes

The new app of Throw Master provides expert guidance for young athletes


San Diego-His resume includes Baseball Hall of Fame members Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson and quarterbacks Tom Brady and Drew Briss. He is widely regarded as the father of modern pitching technology.

North County Throwing Master Tom House

But if you ask Tom House, the master thrower, his latest project—Mustard, a free sports analysis program and coaching app—may be his best work to date.

“This is the best thing I have personally done,” House said. “What we have to do is to keep some kids who might have been Nolan Ryan or Joe Montana, (they) will now stay in the game long enough to become one of those special athletes.

Using the application is relatively simple. Athletes can take a video of their throw, upload it to the app, and within a few minutes, they will receive expert feedback that they can use to improve.

It’s as if they have their own Tom’s house within reach.

“The app now provides children with things that we didn’t have when we were young. It can verify for you and tell you what you need to do to get better,” said Rocky Collis, one of the app’s partners. Founder.

According to House, approximately 80% of young athletes stop participating in competitive sports at the age of 14. He hopes that the application will help reduce this percentage in the next few years.

House said: “If we can let them participate in any sports after graduating from high school, they will be smarter, healthier, and more psychologically adapted to the real world.” “This is the power to play and play games.”

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