The first event of the troubled Tokyo Olympics begins | Olympic News

The softball game was held two days before the official opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games affected by COVID-19.

Japanese pitcher Yukiko No. delivered the first goal at the pandemic 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday morning, as people’s criticism of the rapidly spreading Delta variant is driving COVID-19 in Japan and around the world.

Japan will face Australia in a softball match, as well as two softball matches, as well as a women’s football match scheduled for Wednesday.

In view of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, although the country has been opposed to hosting more than 11,000 athletes, staff and media, the Olympics and Japanese officials are still advancing the Olympics. Tokyo is currently in a state of emergency for the coronavirus.

The coaches of the six countries that participated in the softball game on Tuesday praised the organizers for creating a safe environment and said their players were particularly grateful that the Olympics were not cancelled.

On July 21, 2021, in the first round of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic softball match at the Fukushima East Baseball Stadium in Fukushima, Japan, Japanese starter Yukiko Ueno pitched in the first match between Australia and Japan [Kazuhiro Fujihara/AFP]

After being cancelled in 2008, softball was revived for the Tokyo Olympics. The first two days of the game were held at a baseball stadium in Fukushima, an area severely affected by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster.

The Tokyo Olympics are put off Last year, shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the spread of the coronavirus as a pandemic. Since then, more than 4.1 million people have died of this disease. Although vaccination has helped some countries cope with health crises, the unfairness of vaccines and the increase in new variants are bringing a world that desperately hopes to restore some kind of normalcy. New problem.

The organizer promises “Safe and reliable“The Olympics, but many Japanese are skeptical.

The country’s vaccination program lags behind many other developed countries, and Tokyo’s cases surged, with 1,387 diagnosed on Tuesday. In total, Japan has recorded more than 840,000 cases and 15,055 deaths.

Dozens of cases related to the Olympics, Including some athletes, Further weakening the public’s trust in efforts to mitigate the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee stated that if the number of COVID-19 cases surges, the possibility of cancellation will not be ruled out.

Toshiro Muto said at a press conference that he will pay close attention to the number of infections and contact other organizers when necessary.

“If there is a surge in cases, we will continue the discussion,” Muto said.

“We have agreed that, depending on the situation of the coronavirus, we will hold the five-party talks again. At this time, the number of coronavirus cases may increase or decrease, so we will consider what to do when something happens.”

A Tokyo 2020 spokesperson later stated that the organizers were “100% focused on hosting a successful Olympics.”

Coronavirus rules mean that teams play without any fans cheering on them [Yukihito Taguchi-USA TODAY Network via Reuters]

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