Super Bowl tribute replaced the Carson Wentz flag outside Lincoln Financial

Super Bowl tribute replaced the Carson Wentz flag outside Lincoln Financial


The Carson Wentz banner that hung outside the Lincoln Financial Market in the past two years has officially disappeared.

The ex-Hawks quarterback’s show, he is Traded to the Indianapolis Colts in February, used to be Delete on Monday Follow South Darien Street from the east side of the stadium.

Although it may take the birds five months to put down Wentz’s image, the team only took a day to erect their new flag.

When fans return to Lincoln Financial Stadium for public training camp practice and preseason games later this summer, they will receive a tribute to the team’s first and only Super Bowl champion since 2018.

The new display features the former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles holding the Lombardi trophy after Minneapolis defeated the New England Patriots. However, only Fowles’ hands are visible in the lens.

According to team sources, the reaction to the new photo seems to have reignited the Wentz-Foles debate online, but this photo was chosen because “it captures the essence of the first Super Bowl title in team history. “.

“This flag is entirely to celebrate an iconic moment in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. In our opinion, it doesn’t matter who holds the trophy in the photo,” a team source said.

The new banner as a tribute to Super Bowl LII is a logical and wise choice for the organization. This is not only the best moment in franchise history; it is also the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports history. This is an event that all Hawks fans can accept and remember when they come to Linc to watch the game at any time.

Although his face does not appear on the display, it is impossible to miss the former Super Bowl MVP when he sees the new banner. At the end of the 2017 regular season and throughout the playoffs that year, when he filled the vacancy for the injured Wentz, even just seeing his hand was enough to evoke the fond memories he left for Eagles fans.

The Hawks let Falls go at the end of that season to ensure that Wentz will spend most of his NFL career in Philadelphia, if not his entire career. But only three years later, Falls’ franchise and urban heritage are safe and secure.

Now, Fowles (kind of) has his own flag and statue in Link because the “Philadelphia Special” bust of him and former head coach Doug Pederson is intact outside the stadium.

After the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft received a four-year, $128 million renewal contract, Wentz’s flag was raised outside Linc in 2019. Or most of us think so.

Since Wentz left in February, the former first-round pick’s performance outside Lincoln Stadium has naturally become a topic for confused fans in the Philadelphia area.

plan Officially remove the Wentz banner from Linc It started in early July because the team said it will turn off the display before the training camp opens at the end of this month. The team did not reveal who or what would replace Wentz’s banner at the time.

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