NHL mock draft roundup: Who will the Flyers pick with the 14th overall pick?

Between the upcoming NBA draft and the subsequent MLB trade deadline, this will take place over several consecutive days next weekend-not to mention the start of the Eagles training camp a few days before then-which is an easy draft for the NHL. Lost in the shuffle, especially when the Flyers failed to make the playoffs and left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans.

Before the Flyers can add any young players, they are likely to lose a veteran in the expansion draft, because the NHL will usher in a new team, the incredible name of the Seattle Sea Monsters. The draft will be held on Wednesday night. The real draft will be held two days later. The Flyers have exposed some very well-known players, including Jack Volachek, James Van Rimsdijk, and Justin Bud. Raun and Shane Gostisberg.

According to three hockey experts, one of the players will be skating in Seattle next season.

But before we start the discussion, let’s take a look at the actual draft and the players that the Flyers might pick with the 14th overall pick on Friday night. Interestingly, three of the six hockey writers we surveyed asked Flyers to choose the same player — and they all asked Flyers to add offensive firepower to their prospect pipeline.

Let’s dive into…

Fedor Svechkov, C, Togliatti (RUS-2)

Adam Kimmelman | NHL.com

The Flyers can seek to increase the depth of the center in their prospect pipeline, and Svechkov (6-0, 187) performed well in the U-18 Worlds, scoring 10 points in seven games (4 goals, 6 times) Assists) and 10 points (4 goals, 6 assists). The 18-year-old is also considered one of the better defensive forwards in the draft. [nhl.com]

Takeaway: You may be surprised to know that I haven’t seen or read much about the Russian Hockey League, so my knowledge of Svechkov is limited because I have never heard of him before. This is usually the case with NHL draft prospects. In fact, he is one of the best defensive forwards in the draft (according to Kimelman), and he is also good enough offensively to be the center forward of Russia’s top line in the U-18 World. It makes me feel To Sean Kouturier’s strong resonance. Are you asking too much? Of course, but now is draft time, so we should all be allowed to dream.

In any case, since my analysis is basically meaningless, here are some highlights of Svechkov:

Cole Sillinger, C, Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL)

Mike G. Morreale | NHL.com

The USHL Rookie of the Year is a skilled offensive player with excellent shooting ability, high hockey IQ, excellent vision and organizational skills. The 18-year-old scored 5 power goals and led Sioux Falls with 1.48 points per game. [nhl.com]

Takeaway: This is the first of three consecutive analysts who asked the Flyers to take the 18-year-old center from the USHL, so we will keep all the analysis here and skip the next two “takeaways” section. Hillinger is the son of former NHL player Mike Hillinger. He actually spent part of the two seasons with the Flyers, playing 52 games for the Orange and Black teams. As you will see in subsequent reports, some people think he should be higher than this because he can clearly put the puck in the net. Especially his wrist shooting has received a lot of praise from scouts. Including elite prospects, Who called it “a scene”.

I think the only thing to do is to watch it…

Cole Sillinger, C, Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL)

Corey Planman | Sports meeting

During our draft, Sillinger was the name I kept hearing from scouts. As a top 10 candidate, he was not ridiculed enough in the top 10, and this happened again. The Flyers will probably be happy to get him at the age of 14. [theathletic.com]

Cole Sillinger, C, Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL)

Sean Leahy | Professional hockey talk

With only one European draft pick in the first two drafts, and a rich history of drafting players on the college track (although there were not so many last year), the Flyers are likely to pick Chicago and Calgary forwards, only one is missing now. . So why choose Sillinger instead of Coronato, Lucius or Stankoven? Regarding the latter, the Flyers did not show an open attitude towards choosing small players early or using them as the core of the lineup. Lucius’ draft year was postponed due to surgery. Although his data is great, the sample size is small (13 games), and his speed is worrying. Coronato has played amazing numbers throughout the season, but he seems ready to make anyone who drafts him wait because he will go to Harvard to play. The rest is Silinger, whose father spent part of the two seasons before Cole was born for the Flyers. Kerr ignited the USHL for a bottom-line Sioux Falls team, and he should continue to do so when he returns to the WHL next year to play for the Medicine Hat Tigers. He has an NHL-style game, a strong body, and a killer instinct to shoot. [nhl.nbcsports.com]

Kent Johnson, F, University of Michigan

McGee’s Hockey | Yahoo!Sporty

The Flyers defeated the skilled Johnson here, and his offensive advantage is undeniable. The Philadelphia team has never been shy about choosing players who also have some skating restrictions, and believe that their development team can make the necessary improvements. There is no doubt that this is a potential home run. –Brock Otten [sports.yahoo.com]

Takeaway: Offensive advantage of skating limitations?

Joking aside, the trapeze signing Johnson at the 14th pick seems a bit stealing. Looking at his highlights, it’s not difficult to see what the author above refers to in terms of his offensive ability and why the elite prospects. Call his game “Effortlessly.” See for yourself…

Chaz Lucius, C, USNTDP (USHL)

Josh Bell | sports news

If he has no injury issues this season, Lucius is likely to be the top ten pick. In the shortened season he has, he did show what he brought with too much skill and scoring knack. The Flyers now have a large number of U23 players, and Lucius may be the best finisher in this group. Given how hard he worked on and under the ice, he might not be far from being on the ice in Philadelphia. [sportingnews.com]

Takeaway: Lucius is another offensive talent forward who is clearly interested in the Flyers. Hockey writer Calling him a “natural terminator”, “he has a wide range of shooting options.” They also said that he soon started shooting and has been forming a habit, which indicates that he has the ability to enter the next level. Since Lucius has been injured most of the season, let’s take a look at his wonderful performance in the 2019-20 season…

Extended draft•

Now, back to the expanded draft, three different writers all let the Kraken take the same player from the flyer…

Kraken chooses… James van Riemsdyk

Matt Larkin | Hockey news

Philadelphia Flyer: James van Riemsdyk, LW

contract: 7 million U.S. dollars by 2023 (UFA)

Francis’s remarks about the importance of salary space continue to emerge, but tenure is more important. This is why I don’t think the JVR contract is too unattractive. For a scoring line winger and power player who can score more than 25 goals, this is only a two-year commitment. [si.com]

Emily Kaplan | ESPN

James van Riemsdyk, LW, Philadelphia Flyers

age: 32 | 2020-21 season cap hits: 7 million USD

2020-21 data: 56 GP | 17 g | 26A

James van Riemsdyk played his best hockey under the leadership of Dave Hakstol. He is the kind of veteran who should be motivated by new opportunities—just like Adam Henrique’s stagnation in an uncompetitive duck team would benefit from changes in the environment. [espn.com]

Greg Wiesinski | ESPN

James van Riemsdyk, LW, Philadelphia Flyers

age: 32 | 2020-21 season cap hits: 7 million USD

2020-21 data: 56 GP | 17 g | 26A

Part of the challenge here is to balance people who I think old-school players like Francis, Jason Botterill, and Norm Maciver want to draft, with those who want to draft in Seattle’s excellent analytics department, led by Alexandra Mandrycky and Namita Nandakumar. I heard that they are equal in this process. So my mock draft has some talented veterans, such as James van Riemsdyk and Mark Giordano, and some great data darlings like Jared McCann and Joonas Donskoi. This is a lineup that can score and defend on the wing; although it is very similar to the first year of Vegas, it is a bit like a doughnut in the middle. [espn.com]

Takeaway: Goodbye again, JVR. The reunion is short-lived.

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