Kaz and Toby of LOVE ISLAND will bring drama tonight in the almighty conflict with Chloe’s kiss.

Toby thought all this was flooded with his former Katz under a bridge, but when she put floral ornaments on him during snot, marriage, and dodging games, it brought their ugly past.

As they sit together and resolve their differences, tensions intensify—allow freedom to intervene.

Meanwhile, the Love Island couple will be surprised tonight because a text message interrupted their 70s theme party, revealing that two of them will be abandoned from the villa.

The islanders can’t breathe in the tense new scene that will be broadcast tonight, because a bombshell text sent a shock wave in the villa.

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  • Someone was abandoned

    Hope that hairstyle is not Hugo!

    You can believe that he just dumped AJ.

    Real gentleman style, obvs!

  • Kloino

    Chloe couldn’t resist digging.

    “Do you think they will get back together?” When they watched Toby bow to Katz, she made fun of them.

    One more thing… When Katz and Toby reconciled, did you see her pretending to applaud?

    The fans were not impressed.

  • Chloe was a mistake?

    Well, he has the final say. Have you seen him look ashamed?

    Toby is sorry. If you don’t get that.

    he. Yes. I am sorry.

  • National vocational qualifications 2

    Liberty sent them to school!

    She is showing the girls how the bedroom department works. Clearly.

    Have you seen the girls screaming when they find “Ghiberty’s bedroom antics”?

  • It must be FAYT

    Do you see how Faye likes to make Teddy within reach?

    She couldn’t help laughing.

    Like the piggy back entrance.

  • Toby talk

    Fans were not impressed by Toby’s continued stay in Katz-especially when she was doing her nails.

    Priorities, you know!

    One tweet: “Tbh Toby needs to go all the way! When she wants to’chat’, she knows where to find you.”

  • FAYE met her opponent

    Did you see Faye let down his vigilance while dating Teddy?

    “You just got me, didn’t you?” She giggled.

  • give up

    Did you see how nervous he looked, and walked to Kaz again to ask for forgiveness for kissing Chloe-even if he “doesn’t regret it”?

    Boy, goodbye.

  • JIBERTY did some small things

    Then Jack and Liberty keep quiet.

    Lib told the girls that this was not the first time they felt hot and heavy under the covers.

    *Drink tea*

  • bad language

    sewer. Really.

    Come on, ladies, clean it up.

    Of course, Teddy will like all the “great” Ted talks about him.

  • Marriage materials

    Did you see that Aaron brought drinks to Lucinda and his wife Katz, who was squeezing him?

    They say romance is dead.

  • Danny’s boy

    It’s great to see Danny and Aaron fix something after Lucinda’s failure.

    Have you seen them wandering around like nothing happened?


  • Lost Inda

    Does Aaron need to accept the prompt now?

    First Lucinda kissed Danny in front of him.

    Now Lucinda hates Aaron because she refuses to sleep outside with him.

  • Pillow talk

    See if Teddy is the only one who can talk to Faye like this.

    Their pants! We are definitely here for this.

  • Tobnu

    Does anyone feel that Toby is doing his best to stay on the show instead of being voted tonight?

    Watch him take everyone to chat. Looks a bit desperate, doesn’t it?

    “I don’t know how to talk to girls,” he said.

    you are right.

  • Preaching Teddy Bear

    Did you see Teddy explaining to Toby what he did wrong?

    Now Faye is involved. It will not stop anytime soon.


  • Robbed

    Oh dear. Fans are also paying attention to Toby.

    Now Kaz has gone from being hard-speaking to tearful. Did you see Fei comforting her?

    Luckily she has her girl

  • Lion’s den

    Oh, please, Toby, speak your words.

  • Two slices of pie

    Think about Toby.

    Did you see him stuttering when he heard the voices of Kaz and Lib?

    He said he had no regrets.Eck

  • light fireworks

    Island of Love, here we are!

    Get ready for the complete shock of this episode.

    Let’s hope Danny calms down now, hey! what.

  • Not going well

    Wow, this show may be cruel.

    The islanders discovered that some of them were about to be abandoned-right in the middle of their 70s party tonight.

    However, when the celebration is in full swing, they will receive a text message asking them to go to the fire pit.

    The islanders can’t breathe in the tense new scene to be aired tonight Credit: ITV
  • Party night

    We are still shocked afterwards Sharon Gafka Leave on Sunday.

    Now, another turning point is that two islanders will be hacked to death on the spot.

    Two people.

    Just can’t deal with it.

  • You got dumped

    Drama, drama, drama will be staged in the villa tonight.

    The Love Island couple will be shocked because a text message interrupted their 70s theme party, revealing that two of them will be abandoned from the villa.

    The islanders can’t breathe in the tense new scene that will be broadcast tonight, because a bombshell text sent a shock wave in the villa.

    The Love Island couple were shocked tonight because a text message interrupted their party in the 1970s Credit: ITV
  • One hour classon

    Only one hour is left until Love Island reopens!

    Go and refill your water bottle, or put the water bottle on it.

    Let’s go!

  • Get free

    Later, when Toby was talking to some boys about what happened, the trouble started again, and he overheard Philippe dismissive of his behavior.

    The two had a lively conversation across the garden.

    Toby would also like to talk to Liberty, Kaz’s best friend, who will give him some advice.

    Can Toby clean the air?


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