Let them breathe. The leader said that the children need to “return to normal” under the guidance of the latest mask.

Let them breathe. The leader said that the children need to “return to normal” under the guidance of the latest mask.



San Diego-Let Them Breathe, a San Diego-based mask selection advocacy organization, is fighting back Recommendations issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday, Which requires all people 2 years and older to wear face masks in school.

The new guidelines were introduced because a “large proportion” of students are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, and when schools have different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated students, it is also difficult for them to track vaccination status.

AAP stated: “Universal shielding is the best and most effective strategy for creating consistent information, expectations, execution, and compliance without increasing the burden of monitoring the status of vaccination.”

But Sharon McKeeman, the founder of Letting them breathe, believes that children need to “return to normal, regardless of their vaccination status.”

McKeeman said: “We know they are in a low-risk state, and both adults and high-risk groups have the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

The latest proposal has aroused more discussion around an already complex issue. AAP’s recommendations are consistent with those of the California Department of Public Health, but are different from recent guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which allows vaccinated people to choose not to wear a mask.

Dr. Kaveh Bahmanpour of Sharp Community Medical Group said on Monday that from a scientific point of view, “it seems reasonable to let our children wear masks to school, and we can protect them.”

“There is no way to bypass it,” Bahmanpour said. “Pfizer recommends that if the FDA approves, there will be a vaccine in winter that can vaccinate children between 5 and 11 years of age.”

However, any such mask requirements are unwelcome news for Let Them Breathe. The organization plans to gather in several school districts this week, including in Carlsbad and Vista and in Poway before the school board meeting, although there are no scheduled meetings.

Let Them Breathe also stated that this is a process of filing a lawsuit against the mask regulations.

“Some parents are frustrated because their children are vaccinated, so they don’t have to wear masks,” McKeeman said. “Now AAP says that not everyone has to wear a mask, and then we also have parents who don’t plan to vaccinate their children at all. COVID vaccine.”


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