Howard Eskin said to Cole Beasley: “It’s nice to hold your hand” in response to COVID-19

Howard Eskin said to Cole Beasley: “It’s nice to hold your hand” in response to COVID-19


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Col Beasley has been complaining loudly and annoyingly for most of the NFL offseason about the way the league encourages players and teams to be vaccinated against COVID-19. It’s not just that he personally wants to avoid vaccinations. A public health measure that saves lives and accelerates the weakening of threats, he has made himself an opponent.

Beasley’s latest complaint is that vaccinated NFL players only need to be tested once a week, while unvaccinated players must be tested daily and comply with other COVID-19 protocols that restrict their activities. He hit back at NFL Hall of Famer Michael Owen because he hinted that unvaccinated players will not prioritize winning, which means that the rules are basically a facade for the league to continue without major disruption.

One of the arguments that Beasley is trying to make is that vaccinated players may still be infected with COVID-19 and infect it to teammates, no matter how severe their illness is, they will miss time. According to Beasley’s narrow view of the pandemic, the NFL only requires vaccinated players to be tested once a week, which puts the entire team at greater risk.

This was a dispute with longtime SportsRadio WIP host and Hawks sideline reporter Howard Eskin on Tuesday.The history of these two men is related to the Hawks and Cowboys competition, including Beasley calls Eskine an idiot with Eskine makes fun of Beasley’s rap music When he was still in Dallas.

In an exchange with Beasley on Twitter, Eskin offered to hold Beasley’s hand while Beasley was receiving the COVID-19 injection.

The image actually dates back to an Eskin tweet before the Eagles vs. Cowboys game in 2018.

Leaving aside the wildness of Col Beasley, immediately make Howard Eskine a reasonable person, this is really all Beasley’s The perception of this has become unbearable.

Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 are considered rare. When they do occur, they are usually asymptomatic or mild disease. Although the CDC does not count breakthrough cases of COVID-19 that are mild or asymptomatic, it does count the number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by breakthrough cases. As of July 12, CDC report 5,492 patients with breakthrough infection were hospitalized or died, and 159 million Americans were fully vaccinated—still less than half the number in the United States.

then COVID-19 cases are increasing in all 50 states, By Double infectious Delta variantThe lag in vaccination is the worst way forward.Public figures who incite and influence skepticism-like Beasley and Philadelphia Phillies halfObviously, when we have safe and effective vaccines that can slow the pandemic and greatly reduce serious infections, they are actively prolonging the pandemic.

Beasley’s argument is incoherent selfishness. They have to do with his troubles with the NFL’s policies restricting his personal choices, and have nothing to do with any logical argument against vaccination.he is Claim that this argument was not made -And only representing himself-despite returning to his platform time and time again, giving it legitimacy in the form of his baseless complaints. He made the impossible argument that the NFL’s tailor-made protocol for vaccination targets has to some extent more loopholes and related COVID-19 risks than players who choose not to vaccinate.

Sadly, Beasley eventually got tired of the foreseeable backlash, and then posted a defensive tweet that made his entire fight look more pathetic and futile.

Leave it to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Proposal to buy Beasley’s wife’s shares in Pfizer If he is vaccinated.

When half of the American population has not been vaccinated for various reasons, determined people like Beasley will help everyone, including themselves, through the social and professional consequences of having the right to refuse. They cannot analyze the problem from any angle other than their willful personal beliefs, which means they can always find a way to think that they are right, and they can easily enjoy this position by not spreading misinformation.

Not everything is life and death, but it really is.

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