Fishtown Social will become a Kismet Bagel store on Sunday morning

Fishtown Social is known for its natural wines and is cooperating with the Philadelphia breakfast business Kismet Bagel.

From 9 a.m. to noon on Sunday morning, the bar and bottle shop will become a sandwich shop, serving bagel sami and personal bagels.

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The pop-up will make its debut on Sunday and will run indefinitely.

The menu includes sandwiches with white salmon salad, cherry tomatoes, micro vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and black and white sesame bagels (whole 13 dollars; half price 7 dollars); a sandwich with cucumber, Tomatoes, capers, dill, micro-vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and vegetarian (vegetarian is also available), on a bagel ($12 whole; $7 half) and a sandwich , With spicy cream cheese, pickled jalapenos, and parmesan cheese, and everything on top of a jalapeno bagel ($6 for the whole; $3.50 for the half).

The store will also stock loose bagels ($2 each), barrels of schmear, seasonings and various bialys ($3 each).

Most Sundays, pastry chef Erica Pais will provide pastries, and he is making bourbon chocolate chip blondes for the opening ceremony.

In addition, there will be a rotating sandwich menu every month, which includes local and seasonal products from Riverwards Produce in Fishtown.

“When Jacob and Alexandra [of Kismet Bagels] Come to me with this idea, I immediately fell in love with this idea and fell in love with them,” Fish Town Social Shop owner Vanessa Wong said. “They are a great couple and business team, they have made amazing products. The bagels in Philadelphia and everything they make are not full, so it was an easy decision. “

Fishtown Social is located at 1525 Frankfurt Main Street.

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