FirstFT: The UK has set a course of conflict with the EU in accordance with the plan to re-enact the Brexit treaty

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Britain will put itself During the collision Brussels today announced a series of requirements that will completely reform the post-Brexit trade arrangements between the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Minister of the Cabinet Office, Lord David Frost, will outline what officials call “wholesale changes” aimed at canceling most of the inspections of the Irish Sea trade borders that took effect in January.

If the EU does not make concessions, the UK may suspend the Northern Ireland Agreement, and Frost warned that the UK has the right to activate the 16th priority clause in the agreement.

Britain’s new position may anger Brussels. According to the terms of the Northern Ireland Agreement agreed to by Johnson in 2019, in order to prevent Ireland from restoring its hard border, all goods shipped from the UK to the region must comply with EU customs and agricultural regulations.

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1. Jeff Bezos touches space Amazon founder turns into private space entrepreneur Reached the downstream of space After a series of long delays, earlier yesterday. He thanked “every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer, because you paid the price for all this.” Blue Origin’s successful mission is a time worth savoring, but Elon Musk’s SpaceX is still on the street ahead.

“All polluting industries will leave the earth, and the earth will eventually be divided into residential areas.” — Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos left the capsule yesterday after flying on the New Shepard spacecraft © Blue Origin/AFP via Getty Images

2. Trump allies accused of illegally serving as UAE agents Tom Barrack is the former CEO of Colony Capital. He was one of Donald Trump’s earliest supporters in the 2016 presidential campaign. Arrested and charged Acting as an agent in the United Arab Emirates illegally.

3. UBS launches investment portfolio for female-led hedge funds The Swiss bank’s asset management department has launched a portfolio that specifically invests in Women-led hedge funds Work hard to improve diversity and find talent in male-dominated industries. The percentage of women in hedge funds is 18.6%, ranking second among the seven alternative asset classes.

4. Netflix reduces subscribers The streaming media group lost 430,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada in the second quarter and issued weaker-than-expected forecasts. Rekindling investor misgivings Regarding the performance of market leaders after the economy reopened from the pandemic.

5. US special envoy: China must reduce emissions The US climate envoy, if the earth is to avoid climate “chaos”, Beijing must reduce emissions in this decade John Kerry told the Financial Times He issued a stern assessment that the world has failed to deliver on its environmental commitments.

  • read more: Climate change has Arrived in China, The abnormally high temperature of more than 35 degrees Celsius caused the most serious power shortage in a decade.

Coronavirus Digest

  • Wall Street Recover losses From yesterday Global rout the day before.

  • The blood sample is tested in Italy Reignited a battle about whether Coronavirus spreads in Europe As early as October 2019, before the Chinese authorities confirmed the first case in Wuhan.

  • China’s committed to Achieve zero Covid cases This means that most of its citizens may remain isolated from the world until the end of the year or even 2022.

  • Burmese The case has More than doubled weekly. This situation is particularly deadly due to the public’s distrust of the military government.

  • Delta variant accounts for More than 80% New cases we, The health official said. Republican voters are less likely to get a jab than Democrats. This is why.

The 1 million children who lost their parents in the pandemic need urgent government support, otherwise they will face long-term harm. Seth Flaxman wrote, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. Follow our live coronavirus Blog with Sign up For us Coronavirus business update Learn more in the newsletter.

the day before

income Johnson & Johnson, this is part of the proposal $26 billion settlement In order to resolve claims that it is contributing to the opioid crisis, the second quarter results are released today.Last month’s group Agreed to a $230 million settlement Settle similar claims with New York State.

  • Also reporting earnings: Coca-Cola, Dutch chip equipment supplier ASML, recently received Highest bill Recognized as a climate leader by MSCI, Verizon, software and service providers SAP, United Airlines, Daimler, Harley-Davidson, Novartis and Akzo Nobel.

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Matt Damon and Jude Law in

Matt Damon (left) and Jude Law in “The Genius Ripley” (1999)

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