Enlightened Israelis must admit Israel is guilty of the Middle East

Enlightened Israelis must admit Israel is guilty of the Middle East



The unforgettable image should still shame the enlightened Israelis.

It is July 2014. Israel once again decided to teach the Palestinians a long and fatal lesson. Day and night, from land, sea, and air, the Israeli army methodically wiped out the Gaza Strip and imprisoned children, women, and men. They tried to survive the recurring horrors, but often to no avail.

All the while, cheerful Israelis have gathered together and perched safely on the top of a mountain overlooking the nearby Gaza Strip. A UPI photographer photographed three young men wearing flip-flops, short hair, and binoculars, sitting on a heavy cream-colored leather sofa. A place where a man barefoot appears to be a green, half-empty beer or soda bottle. Another person trained his black binoculars on violent scenes in order to observe the death and destruction occurring below more closely, which is probably more satisfying.

The photo of the ghoul on the mountain is not only a delayed, fixed-time prosecution of the three ruthless people in the photo, but also a prosecution of too many other Israelis. They also treated the massive demolition of Gaza and the indiscriminate killing of them. Palestinian residents are like a leisurely afternoon or evening sport-popcorn and snacks at hand.

According to reports, the general mood among Israelis on that mountain that day was a dazzling mixture of celebration and contentment. A group of happy Israelis took selfies and cheered and cheered. The bomb fell and thick smoke and dust filled the sky over the besieged Gaza.

Although there are many tragic stories about Israelis paralyzed by fear of the attack, no one on the top of the mountain seems to fear or stop Hamas and its combustible kites, balloons or metal firecrackers.

When the Palestinians died, the Israelis smiled.

We know that since 2014, Israel has imprisoned, maimed, and killed more Palestinians in Gaza and other areas, including during the 11-day massacre blitz in May. At the same time, Israel continues to ignore international law and destroy and steal Palestinian houses, businesses, and land with impunity in occupied Palestine.

As more and more Palestinians are imprisoned, maimed, and killed in Gaza and other areas, too many Israelis are content with, and may even desire to watch from close or long distances. As Israel continues to ignore international law and destroy and steal Palestinian houses, businesses, and land with impunity in occupied Palestine, too many Israelis continue to cheer.

Of course, some enlightened Israelis understand that Israel’s continuous imprisonment, maiming, and killing of Palestinians, and systematically eradicating and stealing their homes, businesses, and lands are illegal, wrong, and a blatant affront to dignity and any appearance.

In January of this year, the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem discovered that Israel had implemented apartheid against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian areas. After careful consideration, Israel’s overall intention is to impose a “Jewish supreme regime” through its decades-long deep-rooted policy of “Division, Separation, and Rule” initiated and implemented through ruthless military occupation.

“An organizational principle is the foundation of a series of Israeli policies: to promote and perpetuate the supremacy of one group-Jews-over another-Palestinians,” B’Tselem wrote.

solution? Enlightened Israelis must resist the apartheid “regime” and disband the state-sanctioned racist machinery that was implemented in their name.

“All of us must first choose to say no to apartheid,” B’Tselem urged the Israelis. “People created this regime, and people can make it worse-or try to replace it… If it is not named, how can people fight injustice? Apartheid is an organizing principle, but recognize it It does not mean giving up. On the contrary: it is a call for change.”

B’Tselem is right. The Israelis, if they wish, can end the injustice and crimes of apartheid that have been caused to the Palestinians since Israel’s orchestrated establishment in 1948. But first, they must finally admit that the crimes and injustices experienced by generations of Palestinians constituted apartheid as a matter of international law, not rhetoric.

Too many Israelis have failed to pass this fundamental challenge and test. On the contrary, too many Israelis choose to refuse to take any responsibility for the deep and serious injuries and trauma that Israel should indeed bear, and find comfort in the ridiculous illusion that their country is still the shining incarnation of magnanimity and democracy. haven.

Too many Israelis did not acknowledge the obvious facts, but slammed their denials and made the same regrettable and familiar accusations. These accusations stemmed from dissatisfaction and narrow-mindedness, in order to reject what more and more people in the world have become aware of- Israel is an apartheid country.

Human Rights Watch published more evidence on this fact in April. In a detailed 213-page report, Human Rights Watch confirmed with straightforward clinical details Israel’s long history of deliberately committing crimes against humanity in the Occupied Palestine.

Like B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch has concluded that the sinister purpose of Israel’s deep-rooted, government-sanctioned persecution of Palestinians is not to protect the safety of Israelis, but to impose national supremacy in occupied Palestine, and Drive Palestinians out of their homes, businesses and into shrinking slums, where they endure rather than enjoy life.

Human Rights Watch begged Israel and, in turn, the Israelis to change their disastrous and inhumane practices. It calls on Israel: “Eliminate all forms of systematic oppression and discrimination, which are at the expense of Palestinians, give Israeli Jews privileges, and systematically violate Palestinians’ rights in other ways to ensure Jewish The dominance of the Israelis and an end to the persecution of the Palestinians.”

It is foreseeable that Israel’s hysterical response to the Human Rights Watch report reflects the response of a large number of apologists at home and abroad, who perfunctorily used “anti-Semitism” clichés to slander the picky messenger.

Faced with what Human Rights Watch rightly describes as stubborn and damn “realities on the ground,” chanting “anti-Semitism” is slowly but surely losing its currency and effectiveness.

I think shrewd Israelis recognize this. The old, proud certainty, defense, and assurance have given way to a new, shocking realization: Israel is guilty.

Enlightened Israelis can no longer ignore or ignore Israel’s cruel and lawless evidence. They now need to make a groundbreaking choice: to remain silent and indifferent to the appalling insults, losses and sufferings that Palestinians are forced to face bravely, or to “stop, don’t reshape the future in my name”.

It can be done. Will the enlightened Israelis eventually muster the necessary determination and humanitarianism to do this?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.


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