Coronavirus: What happened around the world on Tuesday

Coronavirus: What happened around the world on Tuesday



Senior public health officials in Mississippi state that the state’s coronavirus infections are increasing rapidly.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs said on Twitter that “the fourth wave is here.”

The Mississippi Department of Health said on Monday that 2,326 new cases were confirmed from Friday to Sunday. This is the largest three-day increase the state has reported since February.

The rapid increase in coronavirus cases in parts of the United States and abroad intensified fears of a pandemic resurgence and triggered shock waves through the stock market on Monday, as the highly contagious Delta variant seems to dominate in some regions.

Many new outbreaks have occurred in areas of the country where COVID-19 vaccination is lagging, prompting political leaders to increase pressure on reluctant Americans to vaccinate.

Mississippi has one of the lowest rates of coronavirus vaccination in the United States.

In Missouri, where delta mutations have caused new COVID-19 cases and a surge in hospitalizations in the southwestern part of the state, health officials have adopted a door-to-door approach to encourage vaccination.

The Kansas City Star recently followed closely, and health officials knocked on the door in Springfield to distribute pamphlets.

According to the report, although Governor Mike Parson and other Republican leaders feared that outreach activities would be severely hit, the effort was non-confrontational, and officials always responded with “no.”

In recent weeks, the number of illnesses caused by COVID-19 in southwest Missouri has increased alarmingly.

Community health advocate Annaliese Schroeder (left) and public health information expert Kelsey Conner conducted a survey for the Springfield-Green County Health Department in a community in northern Springfield, Missouri, hoping to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates. (Jill Toyoshiba/Kansas City Star/Associated Press)

There was good news on Monday: According to data from the Missouri Department of Health and Advanced Services, the number of hospitalizations in southwest Missouri and the state has dropped slightly.

After a few days of new confirmed cases exceeding 1,000, the state reported 826 cases on Monday, bringing the total number of pandemics to 545,551. There are no new reports of deaths, and the total number remains at 9,474.

Arkansas has also been hit hard by the resurgence of the virus. According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all but two of the 75 counties in the state have large or high levels of transmission.

-From the Associated Press and Reuters, the last update time is 7:10 am EST

What happened in tokyo

On Tuesday, reporters worked between the plastic barriers at the main press center of the Tokyo Olympics. (David Goldman/Associated Press)

The Japanese Prime Minister told sports officials before the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday that the world needs to see Japan can host a safe Olympics.

Tens of thousands of athletes, officials, Olympic staff and the media arrived in Japan amid a local emergency and general public opposition.

The softball and women’s football matches started on Wednesday, two days before the official opening ceremony of the Olympics, as the coronavirus pandemic has been delayed for a year.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told the members of the International Olympic Committee at a closed-door meeting held in a five-star hotel in Tokyo: “The world is facing huge difficulties, and we can bring success to the Olympics.”

“Such facts must be communicated from Japan to the rest of the world,” Yoshihide Suga said through an interpreter. “We will protect the health and safety of the Japanese public.”

He admitted that Japan’s path to the Olympics through a pandemic “sometimes goes backwards.”

Yoshihide Suga said: “But the vaccination has already begun, and after a long tunnel, we can now see the exit.”

The Prime Minister’s Office said on Monday that more than 21% of Japan’s 126 million people have been vaccinated.

Health experts in Japan questioned allowing so many international tourists to participate in the Olympic Games that will end on August 8. There will be no local or foreign fans at the event. The Paralympics will be held at the end of August.

-From the Associated Press, the last update time is 7:05am EST

What is happening around the world

Nurses walk in front of empty oxygen tanks in Bekasi General Hospital in Bekasi, Indonesia on Sunday. Indonesia has imposed emergency restrictions on 15 locations outside Java and Bali in an effort to curb the recent surge in COVID-19. (Oscar Siagian/Getty Images)

According to reports, as of early Tuesday morning, more than 190.9 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide. Johns Hopkins UniversityAccording to reports, the global death toll exceeds 4 million.

inside Asia Pacific In the region, as the country is struggling to deal with a devastating new wave of coronavirus cases, and the government has banned large gatherings and tightened travel restrictions, Muslims across Indonesia celebrated the grim Eid al-Adha on Tuesday for the second year in a row.

Indonesia is now the hot spot for COVID-19 in Asia, with the largest number of confirmed cases every day, as the number of infections and deaths has soared in the past three weeks, while the large-scale outbreak in India has weakened.

Most cases in Indonesia occur on the densely populated island of Java, where more than half of the country’s 270 million people live. Authorities in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country have banned many activities that attract crowds. These activities are usually part of the Eid al-Adha, which marks the end of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

On Tuesday, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, during the coronavirus pandemic, an old woman wears a face mask during Eid al-Adha prayers at the Pathok Negoro Mosque. (Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

Authorities allow prayers in local mosques in low-risk areas, but there are no congregations in places of worship elsewhere, including the Istiqlal Grand Mosque in Jakarta, the largest in Southeast Asia.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health reported 34,257 new coronavirus cases and 1,338 deaths on Monday, which was the deadliest day in the country since the pandemic began. Overall, Indonesia has reported more than 2.9 million cases and 74,920 deaths. Due to the low detection rate and improper tracking measures, it is widely believed that these numbers are seriously underestimated.

in Africa, South African health officials reported 7,209 new COVID-19 cases and 221 deaths on Monday. The country’s health workers received 200,000 doses of the vaccine in one day on Monday. According to local media reports -South Africa’s record high.

On Monday, local residents in Johannesburg lined up to receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine. (Lucasola/AFP/Getty Images)

in EuropeSpanish officials are celebrating that half of Spain’s residents, or approximately 24 million people, have been fully vaccinated, although they say the dramatic increase in infection rates is sending a worrying number of patients to hospitals.

inside middle East, According to data from the Armenian Tourism Administration, as more and more tourists are vaccinated there for free, Iranians facing a shortage of COVID-19 vaccine in the country are heading to neighboring Armenia.

inside AmericaThe Brazilian Ministry of Health said on Monday that in the past 24 hours, Brazil had recorded 15,271 new coronavirus cases and 542 new COVID-19 deaths.

-From the Associated Press, Reuters, and CBC News, last updated at 7:20 AM EST

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