British Paralympic athlete Olivia Breen is “spoken” after being told that her sprint underwear is “too short and inappropriate”

Paralympic athlete Olivia Breen was “sufficient” after being told that her sprint underwear was “too short and inappropriate.”

The 24-year-old Welsh star participated in the long jump at the British Championships in Bedford last weekend when a volunteer expressed concern about her Adidas outfit.


Olivia Breen was “sufficient” after being told that her sprint underwear was “too short and inappropriate”Credit: Gary Mitchell
The comment was made by a volunteer during the English Championship


The comment was made by a volunteer during the English ChampionshipCredit: Gary Mitchell

The 24-year-old player will represent the GB team in the Tokyo Paralympic Games starting on August 24.

Brin from Guildford won the bronze medal in the game 2012 Paralympic Games Participate in the 4x100m relay T35-T38 in London.

Four years later, she failed to win a medal at the Rio Olympics, but at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, she rebounded brilliantly and won the long jump championship.

Brin posted on Twitter: “I have always been very grateful to the volunteers who presided over the track and field events.

“They did a great job and gave us a chance to compete.

“However, tonight I am very disappointed because when I finished the long jump, a female official felt it necessary to tell me that my sprint underwear was too short and inappropriate. I was speechless.”

“I have been wearing the same sprint briefs for many years. They are designed for competitions.

“I want to wear them in Tokyo. This makes me wonder whether male contestants will be similarly criticized.

“I hope no other female athletes have similar problems.

“I recognize the need for rules and guidelines on competition equipment, but women should not be uncomfortable with their clothes during the competition, but should feel comfortable and at ease.”

Brin, who suffers from cerebral palsy, revealed protector She intends to lodge a formal complaint with the British Athletic Association.

British shot putter Amelia Strickler supported Brin’s comments and believed that officials who made “unnecessary” comments should not serve as referees.

Strickler, 27, said: “Female athletes shouldn’t be criticized like this because women have been under such great pressure for’perfection’.

“We are here to compete. Don’t you like these clothes? Don’t be an official. We don’t need officials to put unnecessary pressure on those moments.”

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