Boris Johnson News-Dominique Cummings claimed that PM BLASTED fall epidemic blockade said “only people in their 80s are dying”

Double the fun

Yesterday’s new regulations mean that if Britons returning from destinations on the Amber List are fully vaccinated, they will no longer need to be quarantined.

Since most of Europe is on the amber list, this is good news for holidaymakers this summer.

The new regulations require Britons to take two jabs at least 14 days before travel, and the second jab can skip the 10-day quarantine.

Instead, returning travelers will be able to comply with the rules of the Green List, which requires a negative Covid test before arrival and another test the next day, but must be booked in advance.

Travelers will be able to prove their vaccine status on their NHS app, and children who have not been vaccinated will also be exempt from isolation.

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