Animoca Brands is a digital entertainment provider, Blockchain and gamification technologyTogether with the risk accelerator Brinc, today announced the launch of Launchpad Luna, a new Accelerator program Identify, guide and invest in promising blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) startups.

Launchpad Luna will also accept high-potential startups seeking to incorporate blockchain and NFT into its core business. The Launchpad Luna accelerator will identify and promote NFT innovation in the fields of culture, art, entertainment, media, games, streaming media, collectibles, insurance, finance, and data management; DeFi and other vertical fields will be added in the future.

The high-potential early-stage projects and start-up companies accepted by the acceleration plan will receive training, launch platforms, and currency investments of up to 500,000 USD (or equivalent) in exchange for equity and tokens.

The program

The plan will prioritize the promotion of digital climate awareness projects that emphasize proof-of-stake agreements and side chains rather than proof-of-work, and have a low overall physical footprint. Accepted participants will receive training to optimize blockchain business to minimize energy use and carbon emissions. This is in line with Brinc’s plan to invest in and support the development of more than 1,000 climate-conscious startups in the next five years.

Startups accepted by the Launchpad Luna program will benefit from a unique combination of technical resources such as product development, token design, fundraising, marketing, research, analytical support, and data management. Startups will also receive support to help them expand all aspects of their business; including world-class mentors who are exposed to the crypto world and major exchanges, chains, marketers and investors in the Animoca Brands and Brinc networks.

“Launchpad Luna is an initiative to further our mission to achieve a more inclusive digital economy. We are honored for the enthusiasm and support of the global NFT community. We are very pleased to work with Brinc, the number one accelerator in the region. Brinc’s Presence and networking have significantly increased our access to Europe, the Middle East, and China. We look forward to establishing a new ecosystem of accelerators and startups at the center of regional start-up activities, which will enable us to contribute to shaping the future.”
– Xiao Yi, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands


In early 2021, Brinc took over Zeroth.ai’s investment management of 50 companies focused on artificial intelligence; Animoca Brands’ artificial intelligence startup accelerator. This collaboration laid the foundation for the new accelerator program; because both organizations recognize the broader opportunities for expanding value creation by leveraging each other’s expertise.

Brinc and Animoca Brands bring together leading experts in their respective fields. Brinc has made more than 160 investments and is one of the world’s leading risk accelerators. Animoca Brands has invested in more than 60 companies established around the use and/or transaction of NFTs, and has launched various blockchain projects, including Sandbox festival And the REVV Motorsport token and platform.

“When we brought Launchpad Luna to the market, we couldn’t think of a better partner than Animoca Brands; it has been successful in projects such as REVV Motorsport and The Sandbox. Given the rapid development of this market; startups need a support Systems to navigate the changing landscape of platforms, chain stores, and listing strategies. Although investors need to believe that the projects they support have a solid foundation and are ready to grow and scale.”
– Manav Gupta, founder and CEO of Brinc

The accelerator is supported by various mentors and partners interested in the NFT field, including AppWorks, Blockparty, Dapper Labs (the company behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, and Flow Blockchain), EllioTrades, Binance Select, Gabby Dizon (co-founder) ) Yield Guild Games), Harmony (ONE), Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Mai Fujimoto (Miss Bitcoin), Mateen Soudagar (DCLBlogger), Metakovan (Metapurse), Mindfund, Sebastien Borget (co-founder and chairman of The Sandbox) Blockchain Gamer Alliance), Virtually Human Studio (creator of ZED RUN), WhaleShark, etc.

For those interested, Launchpad Luna now accepts application.


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