After the fiance bar “fired” in a drunken spree, teenage mother Ashley Jones’ college graduation party became chaotic

TEEN Mom 2 star Ashley Jones’s college graduation party became chaotic after her fiance Bar Smith “shot” in a drunken orgy.

A terrible moment was recorded in the season finale on Tuesday Music TV Performance.


Ashley celebrates her college graduation in “Teen Mom 2” on TuesdayCredit: MTV
When Barr


When Barr “fired”, the party ended with a terrible noteCredit: MTV
The TV personality was arrested in May for


The TV personality was arrested in May for “intentionally shooting”Image Credit: Sheriff of Merced County

Ashley, At the bar, their friends and family gathered to celebrate, including heavy drinking and toasting in memory of the TV personality.

After a fun celebration night, Teen Mom 2 When the party got out of control and the 24-year-old shot, the ending ended in an explosive ending.

Although the text on the screen explained: “MTV staff left the party at 9pm, but there were no cameras to film the situation. Later that night, the police received a call saying that someone had shot. There were no reports of injuries. .

“The bar was arrested for inadvertently and deliberately shooting.”

Earlier in this episode, Barr revealed to the 24-year-old Ashley that he had to spend 15 days in the county jail after the last time he was arrested for drunk driving.

Although Ashley was dissatisfied with the situation, she said in a confession that she would not let Bar’s legal drama prevent her from celebrating her achievements.

The bar behind the bar

The Sun reported exclusively Bar was arrested and detained in May, Although I don’t know that this happened at Ashley’s party.

According to a report shared by the police Instagram account Teen mom tea, bar At 9:35 a.m. on May 16, he was arrested for “intentionally shooting in a negligent manner.”

He was held in the main prison of the Merced County Sheriff, and the MTV star’s security deposit was set at $25,000.

The Sun confirmed his arrest, and Barr was released from prison the next day.

AshleyThe 24-year-old and Bar share their three-year-old daughter Holly.

As early as April, Ashley revealed that she was Replacing Chelsea Hauska in “Teen Mom 2” this season.

Rock the past

Ashley and bar There was a turbulent relationship, and during MTV’s youth and pregnancy, she accused her little dad of domestic abuse in their early years.

The two have been on and off on and off, but they seem to be moving forward and are currently engaged.

After his arrest, Barr appeared to be trying to improve himself because he revealed that he The process of removing tattoos on the face began.

last week, bar He posted a photo of his tattoo on his face after the first laser treatment, with the text saying: “It’s all inflamed, but the first treatment is complete. Give it a few weeks to start seeing the results #RemoveBarsTats.

“Thank you @_egobeauty for doing this! See you in a few weeks, we will do laser removal and all other health activities.”

The couple celebrated Ashley's graduation from college in the season finale


The couple celebrated Ashley’s graduation from college in the season finaleCredit: MTV
MTV staff were not present at the time of filming


MTV staff were not present at the time of filmingCredit: MTV
Ashley and Bar share daughter Holly together


Ashley and Bar share daughter Holly togetherCredit: Social Media-Reference Source
The couple’s relationship has been turbulent for many years.


The couple’s relationship has been turbulent for many years.Credit: Social Media-Reference Source
Teen mom star Bar Smith revealed that he will remove his facial tattoos next week as he plans to marry his fiancee Ashley Jones

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