The British are so dirty that I shudder. Your toilet is very dirty. You don’t wash your clothes and you hardly bathe your children.

When my friend wiped her child’s mouth with wet flannel, I made a face—and then asked if I wanted her to clean my child.

We are here for tea, although my friend can help, but think of that The cloth full of bacteria around my child makes me shudder.


Inbaal Honigman and her husband Sean and children Tove, Ludo, Vigo and ZeviCredit: Collection

I don’t understand why it is considered a normal and acceptable way to clean a child’s face.

This is not the first time that British hygiene standards have made me cringe.

Since i got my Aboriginal israel In 1994, I was puzzled by the way so many people cleaned, whether it was their bedrooms or their bodies.

This is why when I read the relevant post I found myself agreeing Web site Mumsnet Accuse Britain of accepting low health standard Compared with their European neighbors.

From not washing bras for a few months to cleaning their teeth only occasionally, she felt that our priorities were all wrong. It would be much better if we spent more time on them. Disinfect our toilets And less time to rearrange the dispersion pads.

Lunch box crumbs

Her comments were met with responses ranging from mild suspicion to utter anger. I love Britain, but I think she is right.

Not surprisingly, a YouGov poll found that 17% of Britons have bathed less since the beginning of the year Pandemic, Or one-third is unlikely to wear clean clothes every day.

Growing up in Haifa, I was not particularly proud of the house.

I always knew it was a little messy, and dirty things are good for kids. I never wanted to be one of those picky mothers who cleaned from morning till night.

So I always thought I was very relaxed-until I came to the UK when I was 20.

Now, though, after living here for more than 25 years Holmfirth, West York, I have four children — 11-year-old Tove, 9-year-old Vigo, 6-year-old Zevi, and 4-year-old Ludo — and my British husband Sean, 46, an accountant, and I can’t adapt to the lack of Hygiene habits.

Inbaal said:


Inbaal said: “Not washing my child’s face every day is another worry for me”Credit: Getty

The one I hate the most is my parents. They think that taking a dip in the local swimming pool-a small pot full of dirty plaster and bacteria-is like taking a bath.

After my children’s night Swimming lesson, They went directly into the shower room to scrub thoroughly, while other parents happily patted their children dry, and then put on their pajamas.

Not bathing my children every day is another worry for me.

When they were babies, I could understand that I didn’t want their skin to dry out.

But getting older Kids doing sports, Sink into the quagmire and share their classroom with peers who share the bacteria.

Back to where I grew up, this is the secret to showering every night here, at best, it’s a flannel with bacteria knots.

I’m confused about the way so many people clean, whether it’s their bedroom or their body

Inbal Honigman

Some parents seem to be more concerned about polishing school shoes-this will only make them shiny, rather than cleaning them.

Really, the list is endless, whether it is School Sports Toolkit Packed and molded on nails for several weeks, or unwashed lunch boxes, crumbs lurking in the corners.

No wonder that with the spread of the pandemic British National Medical Service System Had to write a handwashing guide-something my children instilled in them from the moment they could stand by the sink.

After all, this is a country, Before the epidemic, 7% of British office workers admitted that they never wash their hands after going to the toilet, while only 61% said they would scrub thoroughly.

I am a tarot reader, but I don’t need a crystal ball to figure out that most British men I know have the shortest relationship with men’s hot water taps.

Inbaal said:


Inbaal said: “Some parents do not wash their children and clothes properly”Credit: Getty

When I first moved here, I got a job in a bar Central London -And was told to quickly brush the used glasses with a wet fine brush instead of thoroughly washing them Fairy liquid.

Then there is your obsession with carpets. Tile floors can be swept, scrubbed and bleached.

However, no matter how much you vacuum the carpet, you will not be able to remove all the bacteria nestled in these fibers.

I soon learned that you have many other shortcomings, from the washing liquid bubbles when you dry the dishes, to your unwillingness to use steel wool on them. Kitchen Appliances.

Then there is the dishwasher.

Take a bath every two weeks

Why use dirty water in a plastic bowl that has never been cleaned instead of in a sink? Unbelievable.

This relaxed method is usually also suitable for personal hygiene.

An ex-boyfriend can only take a bath and wash his hair once every two weeks.

Several of my friends happily admit that they never wash their faces.

It’s really interesting because you British people are so passionate about programs in other ways.

You are still one of the only countries that insist Uniforms, Make children look like mini accountants in gray pants and white shirts.

How do children clean before and after meals?


How do children clean before and after meals?Credit: Getty

Of course, these contradictions are also one of the reasons why you are so likable.

I like to live here, I love the people here very much, so I married someone.

But honestly, does being cleaner kill you?

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