The bachelor Katie Thurston sobbed and eliminated Andrew Spencer, but regretted choosing and begged him to stay-he refused

BACHELORETTE Katie Thurston sobbed when she eliminated Andrew Spencer, but later regretted her choice and begged fans to stay.

Although the 26-year-old Katie chased him through the hotel when she quit the show, the 30-year-old Katie was unable to persuade her suitors to stay after admitting that she felt “displaced” because of her dismissal.


Single girl Katie Thurston sobbs in tonight’s shocking knockoutCredit: ABC
Andrew Spencer cried when he was eliminated at the latest rose ceremony in tonight's episode


Andrew Spencer cried when he was eliminated at the latest rose ceremony in tonight’s episodeCredit: ABC

In the coveted home country one week before Monday, the single girl sent three men home-Brendan Scanzano, Mike Planta and Andrew.

After knocking out the football player at the Rose Ceremony, Katie asked to take him out.

She soon started sobbing because she admitted to having “such strong feelings” for the natives of Minnesota, but having “deeper connections” with other men.

Katie burst into tears, and Andrew cried during the emotional farewell.

The sad moment ended in a long home, and both reality TV stars seemed heartbroken.

However, the next morning, Andrew appeared in Katie’s suite at their New Mexico resort, saying goodbye in a more pleasant way.

He told the shocked Katie that he could not “end their relationship like last night” and needed to “end with a smile.”

The two talked about some of their feelings-Andrew declared that “something really exists” between them.

However, Katie insisted on her decision, and the two embraced again before she sent him to pack.

When Andrew left, he gave her a card that said “If you change your mind…I will wait for you.”

After reading the card, Katie sobbed again, fled her room, and ran across the hotel to chase her suitor.

He looked shocked when she caught up with him, and she ran into his arms and hugged him tightly.

Katie cried and said that she just “must see him again” and asked him “If there is a way to save more time, would you like it?”

However, Andrew seemed to be a failure and expressed disappointment with the whole situation.

“It’s difficult because I can’t pretend it didn’t happen. It happened and I felt displaced.

“I wanted my future wife to choose me, but I was not selected. So I had to say no,” he admitted.

Katie looked sad, but understanding his decision, the two said goodbye forever-but not before the last kiss.

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