Russia “successfully” tested Putin’s new hypersonic missile, which was able to “evade all Western defenses to destroy the city”

Russia “successfully” tested Putin’s new hypersonic missile, which was able to “evade all Western defenses to destroy the city”


Russia “successfully” tested Vladimir Putin’s deadly hypersonic missile at a speed of 6,100 miles per hour, able to “dodge all Western defenses and destroy the city.”

Arrived in a few days Russia begins the final test deadly Zircon-or Tsirkon In the White Sea.


Putin’s new hypersonic missile successfully testedCredit: East2West

The video showed that the frigate Admiral Gorshkov fired weapons at a land target at a speed of Mach 7.

According to RIA Novosti and the Ministry of Defense TV channel Zvezda, in the first national test of zircon, a target more than 220 miles away was hit, and the missile’s “tactical and technical characteristics were confirmed.”

No more details about the White Sea trial were immediately provided.

The speed of zircon or Tsirkon can exceed 6,100 mph, which has been recognized by the Moscow state-controlled television station as Vladimir PutinThe weapon of choice for destroying coastal cities in the United States in the event of an atomic bomb conflict.

The leaders of the Kremlin said that zircon with a Mach 8 capability was “really unparalleled in the world”, while the Russians boasted that it was “unstoppable” for Western defense.

The launch was carried out after the TASS news agency recommended that national testing of the missile be postponed to the day after August, although they were originally scheduled for July.

Zircon tests from submarines and land are about to expire.

The missile is expected to be put into service next year, first deployed from the Stealth Technology Admiral Golovko frigate.

One of the key uses of the missile is to destroy enemy ships. It is reported that its maximum range is between 188 and 620 miles.

But there are unconfirmed reports that its true range is about 1,200 miles.

The design and development of the missile system is carried out under high secrecy.

Putin warned that foreign spies were trying to steal his secrets.

It is one of many hypersonic missiles being deployed by Russia, including the 188-ton Salmat missile-known as the “Satan-2” in the West. It is the largest beast in Russia’s nuclear arsenal and will be set in the fall. It will be tested and will enter service next year.

The first zircon test firing of the Gorshkov missile took place in early October and was regarded as a gift for Putin’s 68th birthday.

More tests followed in November and December.

As early as March, the weapon was launched four times on the frigate of Admiral Gorshkov in the Arctic, and military sources said that all of them “hit the’bulls’.”

After conflicts with the West, Russian bombers launched a series of cruise missiles in Putin’s latest war game

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