PEI UK 2021 latest

PEI UK 2021 latest


After Danny and Aaron had a prejudice against Lucinda, fans of LOVE ISLAND were worried.

The latest blockbuster AJ Bunker with Danny Bibby Won the first place in the ITV2 blind date show.

Big tattooed Danny dated two salon with Katz It seemed to touch every girl in the villa.But, as he admitted, he also looked at Lucinda Jack There is a “different atmosphere” when talking to her.

Finally he decided to choose Lucinda, Which meant that poor Sharon stood alone and had to pack up.

Soon after, Aaron decided to let Lucinda know that he was still interested in her and tried to kiss her in the garden under Danny’s nose.

The new boy was not friendly to this, pulling Aaron to chat, saying that he “deserves some respect”, and fans called his behavior “possessive.”

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  • Amber alarm clock

    Former Love Island champion Amber and fans were shocked by how heavy Danny was after meeting Lucinda a day later.

  • Fuming

    Did you see Danny’s face when Aaron really kissed Lucinda?

    Well, this is a trailer for tomorrow night’s show.

    Set an alarm, you don’t want to miss it.

  • Danny VS Aaron

    This all happened-fans told Aaron to stand up for Lucinda.

    For fans, we mean Amber Gil!

  • Goodbye, Chloe

    Well, someone should have told her.

    When Danny and Lucinda are heart-to-heart, do you see her face sitting there?


  • Turned on

    When Aaron and Danny are sitting together, you can use a knife to relieve tension.

    Lucinda! What did you start?what

  • Salon toast

    This is Sharon.

    “And become a single girl group,” Faye said.

    Well, did they mean they were not united when Sharon was there?

  • That kiss, although

    Did you see Kaz attacking Aaron-and he didn’t complain?

    Did you see Aaron trying not to smile for that looooong kiss afterwards?what

  • Brad: Who?

    Do you think Lucinda remembers who her predecessor was?

    She said that Danny has 10 points out of 10.


  • ‘It’s been a while’

    Did you hear Hugo’s report on the first night he and AJ were in bed?

    “It’s been a long time since I felt the warmth of women”…We’scooped up’.

    Uh… so romantic.

  • Vacillate with it

    Did you see Kaz shaking her things in her thong swimsuit before the ad was interrupted?

    Little Hugo likes to be tickled.

    Come and challenge!

  • Whipped

    Mayfair is so funny! When she found out how Lucinda avoided Aaron’s kiss, did you see her ponytail?

  • Puppetry

    It’s going to turn off tonight.

    Did you see Danny getting irritated when he approached Aaron next to Lucinda?

  • snake

    Did Danny just call Aaron a snake?

    “Don’t think of me as a’fuck’ cup, he told Jack about Aaron

  • Turn to

    Aaron tried every means to get Lucinda back.

    Love how the lads laugh when he kisses Lucinda and he turns.

  • Concentrate

    When Aaron and Lucinda went out to chat, did you see Danny’s eyeballs?

    Now, when he went to kiss, she had already soiled him!


  • Bless Hugo

    ‘why me? ‘He said when AJ chose him.

    He needs to score himself, doesn’t he?

    When AJ told him how much she liked him, did you see Hugo blushing?

    However, didn’t she say the same thing to Liam before?

  • Teddy’s blow

    Have you ever seen him kiss Faye with a snotty face while Faye was mourning the departure of her good friend Sharon?

    He must be involved in it for a long time.

    Go to Teddy!

  • queen

    I like how Shaz cheered up and walked out of the villa with his head high.

    Dragging the suitcase.

    She will soon be ready to return to her beauty contest!

  • Katz and Shaz

    The fans are very sad, this is the end of the “Friendship Island” era.

    Have you seen Iron Maiden Shaz really say goodbye to her good friends Katz and Fay in tears?

  • My library

    When choosing Liberty, did you check that Jake got all the emotions?

    He loved everything about her, even her runny nose.

    Well, he has the final say!

  • steal

    When Danny chose Lucinda, Aaron’s face.

    Damn! Thankfully, he has his “sister” Katz on standby.

  • Whirr

    Lucky escape Millie!

    Have you seen Hugo looking angry when selected by AJ?


  • New couple reminder

    The fans have already predicted how it will fall in the regroup tonight.

    They may rely on money…

  • Race track

    Some fans asked Danny to leave before the show started.
    This is because sharp-eyed fans combed through his Instagram and found comments.

    In a photo of Danny posing in a bold leaf-patterned shirt while on vacation, a friend commented: “Champion” and a fist emoji.

    Danny replied: “My ****”.

    Danny’s father has apologized and said: “His body has no racist bones.”

  • Danny Drama

    The father of the new Love Island boy Danny apologized for his son’s n-word post and insisted that “he is not a racist, but this is a mistake.”

    This 25-year-old plumber has Get involved in the race after using the n word In social media posts.

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