Major League Baseball trade rumors: The Phillies are “in the team checking outfielder Starling Mart”

Major League Baseball trade rumors: The Phillies are “in the team checking outfielder Starling Mart”


If the Phillies continue to win-they have won 10 of the 14 games and now have a 47-45 record this season, only two games behind the Mets, and ranked first in the NL East-next week Be prepared for more stories, they are half of their interest in this player and that player.

Dave Dombrowski, president of baseball operations, has publicly stated that his team will become buyers before the July 30 trading deadline. But their aggressiveness may depend on their performance in the next 11 games, starting with the Yankees on Tuesday night.

“We don’t sell,” Donbrowski told John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia His “Take Off” podcast“We are not going to let the players leave our team,” he continued. “Anything can happen in 10 days or two weeks. I mean, if suddenly — and I don’t like it — if you lose 10 games in a row, it’s probably one thing different . Or if you win 10 games in a row, it’s a little different. But we are in such a position and we will work hard to make our club better here in the next period.”

The enthusiasm of the Phillies also depends on some things that Dombrowski can’t control at the moment. For example, the Phillies have only limited ideal prospects to offer in exchange for potentially compelling deals. We’ve already seen the Phillies report on the relationship with Craig Kimbrel more recently, and given the Phillies’ lack of attractive assets as a whole, it will be difficult to complete the transaction.

However, this hasn’t stopped – and may not stop – the Phillies are in touch with every available player that meets their needs. As an imperfect team, the Phillies still have a lot of needs, from the bullpen to the lineup.

One of the needs is some outfield help, which is why the Phillies have been linked to Byron Buxton. Now, it seems that the Phillies are still looking for another outfielder, who they have just witnessed in their recent four-game series against the Marlins: veteran midfielder Starling Mart, who won in the meantime 5 points and scored 4 more points during this period. He hit a home run over the weekend and lost 8 on 16 shots. In this season, Marte dropped 0.285/.387/.444 with 7 home runs, 49 points and 19 stolen bases.

According to Major League Baseball insider Jon Hyman, the Phillies are one of three teams that have checked the former All-Star player and two-time Golden Glove champion.

As Hyman suggested, according to multiple reports, the 32-year-old outfielder recently rejected a three-year, $30 million contract from the Marlins, which means that Malt is now very likely Will be traded before the deadline.

The following is more information from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, who pointed out that the Phillies and the Warriors are the two best people for him to serve.

According to a large number of reports on Sunday, Mart rejected the Marlins’ three-year, $30 million contract extension proposal, which made him likely to be traded. The Braves (No. 26 in midfield OPS) and the Phillies (No. 27) may be the most obvious match, but the first thing to consider is:

Why didn’t Marlins give Matt a better offer?

Of course, Marte turned 33 on October 9th, but he continued to maintain a high level of performance, with a batting rate of 0.284, an OPS of 0.828, an above-average center position, a top 15% sprint speed, and 19 steals. Bottom line in 22 attempts. From 2018 to August 31, 2020, the day they acquired Matt from the Diamondbacks, the Marlins started with 14 different center players. They should be eager for the stability Marte provides to their young lineup. When he inevitably loses step, he can move to the corner outfield position and/or serve as a part-time designated batsman, assuming the next CBA includes general DH. []

When the Phillies had one of the worst midfield combinations in MLB history, the need for outfield upgrades didn’t seem to be as necessary as before. No matter who they put there to struggle. But there have been improvements. Most recently, before he was on the injured list, it was Odubel Herrera. Since then, Travis Yankowski and Luke Williams have held the fortress. Although the overall performance has improved since the beginning of the season, joining a veteran like Marte is an obvious upgrade for Joe Girardi’s team.

But combined with this report The previous one linked the Phillies to Buxton, And it suddenly became apparent that Dombrowski was not sold in his outfield situation or Others in baseball don’t believe that he is, which is why the Phils have a connection with every available midfielder.

Of course, how active Dombrowski is in the next few weeks will depend on how much the Phillies can actually afford and how close they are in the NL East game considering their not-so-great farm system. . Currently, their two games and DraftKings’s odds setter’s odds are +425, According to Pickswise, Which is much closer than the position of the last week ago.

If this trend continues, it will be difficult for Dombrowski to at least not consider showing aggressiveness before the deadline — at least, because his assets allow him to be aggressive.

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