Major League Baseball trade rumors: The Phillies are closer to Craig Kimbrel with the Cubs before the deadline

The Phillies may be a bit enthusiastic at the moment. They won 10 of the last 14 games before the All-Star Weekend, but if you ask anyone who has watched this club in the past two seasons, what is their biggest need? ? Now, it is almost certain that this will be the help of the bullpen.

After experiencing a bad rescue pitching season in history, the Phillies supported it in a worse way, and what is incredible-saves again and again. The few victories in the past few weeks have quelled some of these concerns, but if the Phillies really intend to make their first playoffs in ten years, let alone play legal games, they will need to support the backend. In addition to some other minor upgrades, their bullpen.

Fortunately Dave Dombrowski, he Recently told NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark The team will not be sold before this month’s trade deadline, but will seek to improve the club. The Cubs’ approach to Craig Kimbrel’s form seems to be a perfect choice. In addition, there is a history between Kimbrel and Dombrowski, because Dombrowski traded Kimbrel with the Red Sox in 2016, two years later, the closer is the key part of the Boston World Series championship.

Kimbrel spent three seasons in Chicago. With the Cubs in free fall, all signs indicate that they become one of the best-selling players in baseball before the July 30 deadline, and the veteran is closer to becoming one of their most popular players. According to a famous baseball writer, considering their needs, the Phillies will not be a surprising landing point.

On weekends, Bob Nidenger Mentioned the Giants and Phillies As a possible suitor of Kimbrel, 33. On Monday, he doubled down on this point, while also providing more inside information.

“I had a general manager who told me the other day,’Look at Craig Kimbrel at the end of the Phillies or Giants,'” Nightengale said Join Joe Giglio on BetQL Daily.

Of course, this sounds a lot like what he wrote in his column, but the difference here is that it is not just Nightengale who said this sentence, but a real GM.

Unfortunately for the Phillies, they may not have the pieces needed to land Kimbrel, especially when they are competing with multiple other teams (but General belief This is because there will be more sellers than buyers in general this time). In addition, if they think they need to upgrade multiple times to make themselves a real competitor, they may need to keep some parts for other transactions.

Currently, the Phillies have a 45.5% chance of making the playoffs. According to Baseball Reference.comThis is the fifth best among all NL teams, nearly 20 points higher than the next closest team, the Brave. This is a significant increase from the single-digit opportunities a few weeks ago. Shining before the deadline may bring them closer.

As Kevin Cooney wrote last week On PhillyVoice, the Phillies’ landing Kimbrel is great in theory, but in practice, it’s more like a pipe dream. This is what he said while looking at the bullpen section of what Philly fans want and what might actually happen before the deadline.

Don’t hold on to hope: Craig Kimbrel, Cubs

Yes, he is the best successor in the market, and the Cubs decided to open the world’s largest flea market at the corner of Clark and Addison. It is likely that every expert will throw the Phils team into Kimbrel’s photos because they have the biggest bullpen problem of any competitor. But Kimbrel will spend a lot of prospects, which is rarely the case with the Phillies. If the closer market turns into an arms race-and it usually does-the Cubs may buy back something important for the potential free agent during the offseason. By default, this almost excludes Phils from this combination.

What is reality: Ian Kennedy, Rangers

Like Kimbrel, Kennedy will also become a free agent at the end of the year. Like Kimbrel, he has had an extraordinary year so far for a team that is now out of the game-15 saves, 2.67 ERAs, and a 35-55 lead during the break. Rangers team. But because of his age (36 years old, three years older than Kimbrel) and not that long record, his price should be cheaper. Again, this is about finding value at the edge when the system is exhausted. This will be the definition of that. [MORE]

Still, this doesn’t seem to stop the Phillies from trying, especially now that they have a front desk supervisor in Dombrowski, who is known for being aggressive in trades and free agents. Although they may have to be creative to do this due to a lack of prospects, Dombrowski seems to have set his sights on buying. However, whether this is a major upgrade or some minor upgrades is likely to depend on what happens in the 11 games of the Phillies between now and the deadline.

“We don’t sell,” Dombrowski told Clark The latter’s “take off” podcast“We are not going to let the players leave our team,” he continued. “Anything can happen in 10 days or two weeks. I mean, if suddenly — and I don’t like it — if you lose 10 games in a row, it’s probably one thing different . Or if you win 10 games in a row, it’s a little different. But we are in such a position and we will work hard to make our club better here in the next period.”

Joining Kimbrel, who has a 0.53 ERA in 33 2/3 innings, will definitely make the Phillies perform better in the next game. Whether they can really do this is another matter entirely.

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