Love Island 2021 News-Toby and Chloe are heading to Hideaway tonight, Aaron and Danny have a fierce battle for Lucinda

Love Island 2021 News-Toby and Chloe are heading to Hideaway tonight, Aaron and Danny have a fierce battle for Lucinda



Chloe and Toby of LOVE ISLAND are ready to make them excited when they go to Xanadu for the first time tonight.

Fans look forward to Chloe. When they first started dating, she promised Toby “unlimited foreplay”, and when they were about to spend the night alone, the two were ready to heat up.

Meanwhile, when Aaron tried to kiss Lucinda in the garden under Danny’s nose, fans were worried after Danny and Aaron had a prejudice against Lucinda.

The new boy was not friendly to this, pulling Aaron to chat, saying that he “deserves some respect”, and fans called his behavior “possessive.”

The latest blockbuster last night AJ Bunker with Danny Bibby Won the first place in the ITV2 blind date show.

Tattoo Big Guy Danny Picks Lucinda, The meaning of poor salon Was kicked off.

Read our Love Island live blog for the latest updates on the show…

  • It’s too hard

    For all the right reasons, fans will not forget Chloe and Toby’s night in Xanadu.


  • Danny Boy

    Not sure if imitating Lucinda to Liam is the best way to win her heart…

  • Toby Toby

    Did you see him talking to the boys?

    Toby’s version of the hideout incident-“The football field is flooded.”

    Well, dare you say…

  • Chloe Kiss N tells

    Have you seen her sprinkle tea to the girls and say “It’s over so soon”.

    Glad she was smiling. what!

  • Boy talking

    So why does Aaron need to convince Hugo that AJ is hot?

    Of course he should know…Did you see the concentration on Hugo’s face?

    “I must like her, I must like her”

  • Hands-on

    Uh, TMI Chloe.

    Have you heard that she and Toby plan to tell them about the night they were in the hiding place-while they were still in the hiding place?

    “It’s kind of convenient.”

    Uh, all right.

  • Chloe, now!

    Fans really enjoy all the actions in Xanadu.

    Uh, it’s not.

    One tweet: “This is horrible…like we don’t want to see this.”

  • Colonel Mustard

    What is Toby licking Chloe’s belly?

    It looks like something that compliments him well, uh, hot dog.

  • Tongge

    Have you seen Toby showing off his trophy in thongs and denim?

    The chocolate sauce has come out.

    They will not waste any time.

  • Go to Chloe

    Do you see how nervous Toby was when he realized that he was going to the hideout with Chloe?

    He needs physical strength, right!

  • Hugo her hug!

    Why does Hugo seem scared to talk to AJ?

    Have you seen his eyes open wide.

    “I have never been with a girl so avant-garde,” he said.

    Calm down, Hugo, she won’t bite.

  • chill

    Love Aaron’s view of all this.

    Do you see how relaxed he is with Danny?

    He is like a relationship consultant.

    “Lucinda doesn’t like confrontation”, did you hear that?

  • Bad boyfriend VS good boyfriend

    Well, we want to know who Lucinda is referring to there?

    Decide, decide…

  • Bad boyfriend VS good boyfriend

    Well, we want to know who Lucinda is referring to there?

    Decide, decide…

  • The game starts now

    After Jack kissed Katz in front of the shocked Lady Liberty, fans were furious at him.

    They angrily accused him of being a “huge gamer”.

    At the end of last night’s show, fans were able to get a glimpse of tonight’s episode, which will show the “Snog, Marriage, pie” game.

  • Jack Snake

    Sorry, but he is here.

    I mean kissing his girlfriend Lib’s best friend Kaz.

  • Amber warning

    Love Island Queen, sorry for the winner, Amber Gil is ubiquitous in Danny/Aaron plays.

    She tweeted: “Aaron told the man that you first stood on your side. You stole my girl and pretended to be angry and had two conversations with her.”

  • Girl, goodbye

    Think about it for Sharon.

    When to leave.

    Sharon packed up and boarded the first plane to Brady, and the show’s farce is underway.

    That’s right, between Danny and Aaron, on Lucinda Gate.

    Continue tonight-avoid.

  • Danny Watch

    Fans follow Danny tonight.

    They want to know if the new blockbuster will explode!

  • When will Love Island air?

    Don’t miss it!

    This will be a good person.

    Listen to all the madness and chaos in the villa on ITV2 at 9pm.

  • Soft kiss

    Fans want to know whether the friendship between Kaz and Liberty can withstand Jack’s kiss.

    Nevertheless, Katz also kissed Liam in the challenge, which should help alleviate the blow…

  • Oh please go on

    There are many things to do in tonight’s show.

    Not only do fans have to deal with the dispute between Danny and Aaron over Lucinda, but Liberty should look away now.

    Last night we saw a trailer of her man Jack kissing her good friend Katz in the challenge.

    A complete snuff, like…

  • Hugh calls it

    Fans of LOVE Island are convinced that Hugo Hammond “cannot stand” AJ, only on the show “Free Holiday”.

    In the episode last night, the new blockbuster AJ chose to partner with him, and he was obviously angry.

  • Go to Clo!

    When she was with Toby, she assured him of “unlimited foreplay.”

    Now it looks like Chloe will deliver.

    The two spent a steamy night in the shelter together.

    There are no prizes for guessing what might happen.

  • smooth Criminal

    Oh, Lucinda.

    what have you been up to?

    Her love triangle with Danny and Aaron becomes more chaotic because she seems to have a real boyfriend at home.

    Someone hurry up and give her a PLT agreement so she can go home.



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