Hedera Hashgraph and LCX team up to develop a new security token protocol

Hedera Hashgraph and LCX team up to develop a new security token protocol


LCX, Liechtenstein Crypto Asset Exchange, Today announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Hedera Hashgraph. LCX is expanding its Hedera Hashgraph network platform to establish a new gateway for securities tokens and tokenized digital assets.

Through this new partnership, Hedera will leverage LCX’s technical infrastructure to expand the Hedera Token Service (HTS). In addition, new security token standards have been added; both teams will provide users with a new, safe, reliable, transparent and compliant digital securities infrastructure.

Through this strategic partnership, Hedera and the LCX community will benefit in many ways:

  • Liechtenstein Protocol: Implement new digital securities standards and achieve on-chain and token-level compliance on the Hedera network.
  • Security token standard: Develop a security tokenization framework, security token infrastructure, and corporate tokens (permission-based tokens).
  • HBAR is listed on the LCX exchange: Hedera’s native cryptocurrency HBAR is listed on the LCX exchange.

“It’s great to see the wide range of innovative applications in the Hedera ecosystem. LCX is leading the way in creating blockchain-agnostic standards for the exciting digital securities sector; and leveraging Hedera’s unique speed, security, fairness, and low The carbon footprint will accelerate adoption in this emerging market.”
—— Limon Baird, CTO and co-founder of Hedera Hashgraph


This Ivy Token Service (HTS) Provide LCX and its customers with the ability to issue and configure tokens on the Hedera platform; make full use of the network’s performance, security, stability and governance. The combination of HTS and LCX’s compliant token sales manager provides a faster and more effective alternative to smart contract token creation.

“There is an urgent need to develop practical standards for digital securities to help companies around the world simplify and strengthen the way they issue securities tokens; raise funds or build new blockchain-driven financial instruments. The collaboration between LCX and Hedera Hashgraph is ours An important milestone in efforts to digitize traditional processes; and help promote innovation in this key industry sector in the next few decades.”
—— Monty CM Metzger, CEO and founder of LCX

This Liechtenstein The protocol introduced on top of the Hedera distributed network will enable organizations to use LCX’s Liechtenstein protocol framework to easily create security tokens, and be able to automatically enforce certain conditions related to the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to securities, and implement automatic compliance codes Tokenized resources with predefined requirements are embedded in.

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