EVM protocol Connext builds a multi-chain Ethereum product on Alchemy

EVM protocol Connext builds a multi-chain Ethereum product on Alchemy


Connext is a protocol for non-custodial transmission and contract invocation between EVM compatible systems. It was announced today that it has Blockchain development platform Alchemy, support Connext. Through cooperation, Alchemy can help Connext focus on building a user-friendly experience through a powerful, fast, and scalable node solution.

The integration follows Connext’s recent $12 million financing jointly led by ConsenSys Mesh and 1kx, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, OkEx Ventures, eGirl Capital, Hashed, Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal, and Optimism’s Jinglan Wan. The latest round of Connext will be used to build their team and expand their liquidity network; including their node infrastructure, as user needs increase, to ensure a smooth and stable user experience.

“Connext is committed to making the multi-chain Ethereum landscape a reality; it is our common mission, and we are very happy to support it. Their team is top-notch. Both in terms of talent and motivation; as more and more people begin to adopt With their agreement, Alchemy is happy to grow with them.”
– Elan Halpern, co-founder of Alchemy Amplify

Now, Connext will use Alchemy’s platform to access the Ethereum API and the subsequent L2 blockchain. This integration will help Connext to effectively implement cross-chain exchanges between EVM compatible systems. By creating a single entry point to the Ethereum and L2 ecosystem; Alchemy makes it easy for Connext to perform token exchanges.

“Connext prides itself on collaborating with the best companies in the industry to help them grow quickly. Alchemy has gone beyond; helping Connext achieve its goals in terms of products, customer service, and excellent monitoring and analysis tools. We are very happy to be theirs Partners, and look forward to continuing to work with Alchemy as we expand.”
-Rahul Sethuram, Connext Technical Director


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