Drones stop water bombers from extinguishing wildfires in White Shell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Drones stop water bombers from extinguishing wildfires in White Shell Provincial Park, Manitoba



According to the province, a water bomber trying to extinguish a forest fire in eastern Manitoba had to turn back after a manned drone blocked its way.

It happened on Saturday as the plane was preparing to extinguish the fire in Whiteshell Provincial Park near the Ontario border. When a drone blocked its flight path, the water bomber was flying over the south shore of Lake West Hawk.

The water bomber had to turn back, putting the firefighters on the ground in danger.

Don Harlett, assistant director of the Manitoba Wildfire Bureau, said: “This may get worse than before, just because someone pilots a drone.” “Thankfully, the ground crew can do what we need them to do.”

The province said there were many people on the beach, but no one was found flying a drone.

“Just think about your community and your fellow Manitoba,” Harriet said.

He said people who fly drones near the fire site may face charges. Anyone who witnessed the incident was asked to contact the Falcon Lake RCMP.

Residents in parts of eastern Manitoba “must be ready to leave”

Extremely dry conditions continue to hinder efforts to control wildfires. Most areas of Manitoba are still under the fire ban, Including provincial parks and most cities, including Winnipeg.

Starting Tuesday morning, additional restrictions will be implemented in areas near the Ontario border.

The Wildfire Bureau’s District 4 will implement a full travel ban, which includes large areas north of the Wanipigo River, east of Lake Winnipeg to the Ontario border (including Atikaki Provincial Park) and north of the Poplar River area.

The province stated that it will not be able to enter the cabins and permanent residents must be prepared to leave after one hour’s notice.

Have 130 forest fires are burning Now in Manitoba, about two dozen provinces are classified as out of control.

Harriet said that most of the current fires are caused by natural causes such as lightning strikes.


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