Court ends extension of COVID-related application deadline

Court ends extension of COVID-related application deadline


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As a sign that the Supreme Court is slowly returning to normal work, the court on Monday Revoke During the pandemic, COVID-related orders required by certain procedures have been relaxed.For petitions seeking review by the Supreme Court, the extended 150-day submission deadline is returned to the 90-day submission deadline (the Supreme Court rule). The 90-day deadline for return applies to petitions seeking to review any lower court decision in which the relevant judgment or order was issued on or after July 19th.

In addition to revoking the application extension, Monday’s order also requires the application format (relaxed under COVID conditions) to return to normal as soon as possible. Starting September 1, certain documents must be submitted in pamphlet format and multiple copies in accordance with the rules of the court. It is no longer allowed to make a single copy on letter paper.

There is no news about the resumption of face-to-face oral debates in October.

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Court ends extension of COVID-related application deadline,
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