Bezos will launch on Tuesday morning and become the next space billionaire

Bezos will launch on Tuesday morning and become the next space billionaire



(News country now) — Billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos and three crew members will fly from a desert location in western Texas to the edge of space on Tuesday morning for an 11-minute flight.

The richest people and crew in the world will ride on Blue Origin’s New Shepard, a 60-foot-tall fully automatic rocket and capsule combination.Released in a week Billionaire Richard Branson went to the edge of space.

NewsNation will broadcast Blue Origin’s release live on the above player. The video is provided by Blue Origin.

Bezos, 57 years old, who Earlier this month, he stepped down as CEO of Amazon. It was announced in early June that he would participate in the first manned flight of his New Shepard rocket to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the moon landings of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Bezos personally invited two of his passengers-his 50-year-old brother Mark, an investor and volunteer firefighter, and female aviation pioneer Wally Fink.Joining them will be Oliver Daemen, last minute supplement For the winner of the $28 million charity auction, his schedule conflicted.

Fascinated by space history, Bezos named his new Shepard rocket after Alan Shepard, the first American to enter space, and named John Glenn, the first American to enter orbit. Named after his larger, still-developing New Glen Rocket.

Bezos is open to his childhood dreams of space travel, and said via Instagram. “On July 20, I will embark on that journey with my brother. The greatest adventure, with my best friend.”

Since 2015, Blue Origin has completed 15 space test flights, carrying experiments, children’s postcards and mannequin Skywalker, the company’s passenger stand-in. Except for the forced landing of the first flight booster, all demonstrations were successful.

The capsule is fully automated, unlike Branson’s Virgin Galactic rocket plane that required two pilots to send him into space and return a week ago.

Blue Origin expects to open ticket sales shortly after Bezos takes off, and has already arranged some other auction bidders. The company has not disclosed the cost of the ride.

Although the small New Shepard is designed to send people to the edge of space in a short flight, the large New Glenn will be able to transport cargo from Cape Canaveral, Florida and eventually send the crew into orbit, possibly starting at the end of next year. Blue Origin also set its sights on the moon. Its proposed lunar lander, Blue Moon, lost to SpaceX’s interstellar spacecraft in NASA’s recent commercial competition to develop the technology to allow the next group of astronauts to land on the moon. Blue Origin is challenging contract awards, as are other competitors.

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