Phillies Outlook Observation: Which players have the highest trade value? Is it untouchable?

This may be the most information about the prospects of the Phillies that you have read or cared about in a long time.

First of all, last weekend’s MLB draft saw the Phils add some promising talents. Led by first-round draft pick Andrew Pant -A big high school power pitcher.

If the Phillies continue to stay in the NL East, Painter and other newly selected players may become substitutes for the team’s current prospects, because the team may become buyers before the trade deadline two weeks later.

Which potential customers the team separates from in a theoretical transaction obviously depends on the person they are trying to acquire.The cost of acquiring Kris Bryant type MVP talent will be higher than People like Byron Buxton. But the team may want a top Phillies player in this month’s trade.

According to, since there are too many prospects for the entire farm system to consider, we think it might be helpful to pay attention to the current status of the top 10.

The following is the performance of the team’s highest-rated young man before the trade deadline and the September call-up:

1. Mick Abel, P, Clearwater

Abel was a first-round pick last year. He likes to play and has not scored in eight innings in the past two games. His self-report rate expanded rapidly when he was fighting for the thresher early, and it is now a respectable 3.92. He probably belongs to the untouchable.

2. Bryson Stott, SS, Reading

Stott was a first-round pick for the Phils before the two drafts, and he is now the top offensive player in the team system. He may be sought after like Abel, and he performed well in Double A, and has reached 0.248 since being called in Single A. In two levels of competition, Stott walked 39 times in 57 games, with an OBP of 0.378. He plays an important and needed position, and it may take a lot of time for Philadelphia to part ways with the 23-year-old.

3. Francisco Morales, SP, Reading

Morales continued to struggle in the double A, with an embarrassing 2-7 record and 6.84 ERA. Can he benefit from the change of scenery? At 21, the Phillies may still believe he has the ability to turn things around – but maybe another club will do the same.

4. Rafael Marchan, C, Lehigh Valley

In terms of trade value, we may have seen the most interesting prospects on the Phils ledge. With JT Realmuto tied up for many years, the Phils blocked the receiver’s position very succinctly. They also happen to have three other supporters-Rodolpho Duran (17th), Rickardo Perez (19th), and Logan O’Hoppe (24th)-in the top 25 of their farm system. Marchand is a very talented defensive receiver, he hit 0.346 in a limited MLB chance (11 games). His life in Philadelphia will be a substitute receiver. There is no doubt that in the farm system, many other clubs lack the strength of a catcher, and he may become a key part of a sensational deal in July this year.

5. Louis Garcia, SS, Clearwater

Garcia ended a monster game on Friday, hitting two homers in the recent victory over Dunedin and adding two and four points to the total RBI. In the 20-year-old singles, Garcia is likely to be excluded from trade negotiations, if he can play more steadily, he may be promoted to Reading.

6. Casey Martin, SS, Jersey Shore

The 22-year-old Martin struggled with the bat in Single A-his average field goal percentage was 0.114, and he had only one shot in the past 17 shots. He is old enough to risk bankruptcy.

7. Johan Rojas, OF, Clearwater

Rojas is a very young outfielder. In the Phillies’ farm system, he played worse in each of the three seasons. He is currently in a 0.235 downturn with the thresher.

8. Eric Miller, SP, Clearwater

Miller is a fourth-round pick in 2019 and is one of many prospects lacking a minor league season in 2020. The 23-year-old left-hander is trying to get into form and has yet to win in three starts this summer.

9. Simon Muzzioti, OF, Reading

He was supposed to be a starter in the Double A, but he encountered some visa issues and has not adapted in 2021.

10. Adonis Medina, SP, Lehigh Valley

Put Medina in the frustrating talent category, such as Mickey Moniak (Mickey Moniak), he has lived up to the minor league hype. Medina, who was once the team’s best pitcher prospect, has an ERA of 5.73 in Triple-A this season. On July 2, he was suspended due to undisclosed injuries after allowing 5 runs in his last start.

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