Parents let their children drop out of school early to avoid “flat ground” and have to cancel summer vacation

Parents are letting their children drop out of school in advance to avoid a “ping plague” and have to cancel summer vacations.

According to reports, the children are kept at home by their worried parents to avoid being “warned” or being told the risk of self-isolation before summer vacation.


The children were taken out of school to avoid being “warned” before the holidaysCredit: PA

British National Medical Service System Test and track applications Ordered records 520,194 people stayed at home in a week, An increase of 46% over the previous 7 days.

According to the Sunday Mail, despite months of sudden isolation and study interruptions, parents are reluctant to cancel vacations just because their child and another student who tested positive are in the same “bubble.”

Of the 830,000 children who were at home last week, 750,000 (almost one-tenth of all school children) were quarantined after being exposed to Covid cases.

James Bowen, policy director of the National Association of Principals, said: “We have received reports from parents saying that they will keep their children out of school to avoid being asked to self-isolate during school holidays.”

Geoff Barton, secretary-general of the Association of School and University Leaders, said they were “concerned” about the premature end of the semester for some students.

He added: “We did not shift the responsibility to our parents because we understand the importance of vacation after such a hot year.

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“But we will encourage attendance when the child is not ill or self-isolating.”

A mother from Wales said that she would not risk letting her child contract the new crown virus in the classroom after “a few classes of my child’s school have confirmed cases”.

Another person said that as school classes begin to “end”, she “will not feel guilty for letting the children lose anything by letting them stay at home”.

Just yesterday, After announcing the reduction in the number of employees due to the “level disease”, one subway line was suspended and the other two lines were affected.

Train services are affected by a shortage of workers caused by a shortage of workers Told to self-isolate.

Yesterday morning, after the control room staff received the alarm, the metropolitan line did not operate.

The Piccadilly and District lines are also affected.

Richard Jones, head of London Underground network operations, said: “Due to the shortage of control room personnel, they must self-quarantine after being notified through the test and tracking app this morning. Metropolitan lines will not be available for the rest of the day.

“This will also affect the Piccadilly line because there is no service between South Harrow and Uxbridge, and there is no service on the area line between Kensington Avenue and Edgware.

“We apologize to our customers for this interruption. London Underground tickets will be accepted by the local bus service.”

Covid cases in the UK jumped by 70% within a week, with the highest number of hospitalizations since March, with 41 deaths

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