When the gymnasts of the US team compete during the competition, a little bit of Berks County will take center stage Tokyo Olympic Games.

Reading GK Elite Made the tights and other equipment to be worn by the US gymnastics team. The company will also provide equipment for Olympic gymnasts from Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. It is no stranger to spotlights, but this will be the first time Simone Biles and Americans have worn their products on the largest stage of the sport.

Girisha Chandraraj, President and CEO of Elite Sportswear, said: “We are very pleased to continue working with the American Gymnastics Association to encourage and inspire gymnasts around the world to feel and perform at their best.” “We are proud to represent the United States in Tokyo. Team and look forward to cheering for the women’s team and the men’s team for the gold medal.”

Want to know what the equipment made in Pennsylvania will look like? You have to listen to find the answer. GK Elite stated that these designs will not be announced until the gymnasts get the mats. However, the company does promise “strong design clues, insights into patriotism, strength and confidence.” Women’s catsuits will also be inlaid with thousands of Swarovski crystals, adding to every anti-gravity action of gymnasts Brilliance.

GK Elite clothing may also look great on the podium. Under the leadership of Byers, the American women’s football team is looking for the third consecutive gold medal in the team competition. At the same time, the men’s team hopes to win a medal in Beijing as a team for the first time since 2008.

2020 Summer Olympics It started in Tokyo on Friday, July 23 and lasted until August 8. GK Elite said that after the Tokyo gymnastics competition begins, it will sell a limited number of imitation tights and men’s shirts on its website.


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